Save and be safe with SaaS call center software

Save and be safe with SaaS call center software

When you think of call centers you think of a big office with a lot of agents sitting on telephones. It’s a picture quickly imagined because hardware is easy to grasp.

But software as a service call center software makes you think of what exactly? It’s hard to wrap your mind around such an intangible thing. So why should you buy something you can’t see?

Because you can measure your success easily

You always have the same 24 hours a day available like all your competitors. With a SaaS call center software, you choose to make better use of your time. How much time you spend before and after a call is automatically measured and optimized. Reports about closed deals and agent performances are displayed right after you log in. You don’t waste time and money on setting up a network system but instead create multiple campaigns and assign new agents within minutes. Every step and every minute is tracked. And best of all, you only pay for what you really need and use.

Old vs. better more efficient solution

Comparing on-premises solutions with cloud-based SaaS solutions is like comparing a landline phone, mounted on the wall with a cord, to a smartphone. Sure, you have all the control over the phone on the wall. You see who uses it and you may even see who is calling you. But your options are very limited. You can talk in one room or two if the cord is long enough. Face the facts, you are tied to one location with an old-fashioned phone just as on-premises software solutions. Let us free you and grow your business with our SaaS call center software.

5 reasons why you should use cloud based contact center software

The most obvious reasons for SaaS call center software are very rational:

  1. Save money for hardware and unused services. When you have 10 phones you can only have 10 agents. What’s even worse is when you have 10 phones and only 5 agents you still pay for unused services of the remaining 5 phones. There are many better ways to waste money.
  2. Installation is fast and easy. No need for a specialist to install phones or cables anywhere. A few clicks and your SaaS call center software is ready to be used.
  3. Be flexible in workplace locations. Good people are hard to find and maybe not around where your offices are located. With SaaS, you have the option of letting agents work remotely from anywhere. All they need is an internet connection and some quiet space. It’s secure and very transparent for you and your agents. Everyone has a good overview of call times and results.
  4. Get automated updates regularly & enjoy the latest features. You don’t have to buy a new phone. Just login and you have access to new functionalities automatically.
  5. And finally, be safer due to extra security provided by the SaaS vendor.

When the regular user turns the computer on they won’t notice if a SaaS or on-premise solution is being used. The most important thing is: It works without interruption. The one doubt that keeps you from SaaS is your trust issues. But we can also help with that with an excellent support team and a