Say YES to IVR, save money, be happy


There is more to IVR than
“press 1”
“say yes or no” &
“could you please repeat that again”


For efficiency reasons, interactive voice response (short IVR) is the go-to solution for many inbound call centers but it is not the most popular way of communication for the customers. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when using IVR.

4 + 1 IVR tips to keep customers and agents happy

1. Number of questions to be asked must be limited
Always test your questions and take the time of your IVR duration before you activate it. You want to ensure it has the most comfortable runtime. Let someone else who didn’t create the content test it. Get an honest and objective opinion on it.

2. Duration of the call with IVR and with agent should be balanced
Give your customer a good impression, let them end the call feeling satisfied with the result of the interaction. Remember that your customer is a human being. After all, humans prefer interactions with other human beings.

3. Give an overview/outlook for the customer what to expect
Orientation is a valuable key aspect in interactions. In order to keep your customer on the other end of the line happy give some outlook of how the call is structured. Tell them how many questions will be asked or how long the IVR part will be.

4. Make the information easily accessible for the agent
Using IVR will make your agent’s life easier, too. Get the answers to closed but mandatory “yes” or “no” questions, as well as contact details such as phone number, customer ID number etc. That way you can avoid missunderstandings. Let the customer type in their information on their own. And last but not least, the IVR part will shorten the call duration and your agents have the capacity to get more done.

Bonus tip:

After asking Siri a few funny questions people already know talking to a computer can be fun.
Be aware: Don’t annoy your customers with more questions than necessary, and never make the mistake of repeating all the questions to which the IVR received an answer already.

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