Say YES to IVR, save money, be happy

There is more to IVR than "press 1" "say yes or no" & "could you please repeat that again".   For efficiency reasons, interactive voice response (short IVR) is the go-to solution for many inbound call centers but it is not the most popular way of communication for the...

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Level up – LeadDesk continues to grow

We are very happy to announce that LeadDesk has acquired Qumido GmbH in an asset deal, the leading provider of outbound call center software in Germany. The acquisition of Qumido is aligned with LeadDesk’s overall European growth strategy. That gives us several...

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Call center compliance is the single biggest risk factor for new call center entrepreneurs

In 2015, the FCC (US) fined AT&T $25 million for data breaches where employees stole private information belonging to over 280,000 customers, including social security numbers and account-related data. The UK regulator, OFCOM, fined XS Remarketing/Debt Masters Direct...

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Pipedrive call integration increases sales for LeadDesk and our software customers

LeadDesk ran the first Pipedrive call integrations in 2012. It’s no secret that Pipedrive is probably our favorite CRM. Our Pipedrive call center integrations for LeadDesk’s own sales teams have been an important part of our growth story. We also have many customers...

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Advanced energy telesales and the contact center business

Utility and energy companies are heavy users of contact center businesses. They face heavy competition and the problem of customer churn. In addition to sales, energy companies use contact center businesses to handle customer service, including day-to-day enquiries...

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