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Sniper by LeadDesk is an automated matchmaking service that matches the right customers with the right agents by analyzing calls, demographics and historical data. Sniper for LeadDesk brings new intelligence to call centers to maximize conversion of every call.
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Product Description

Sniper by LeadDesk brings new intelligence to telesales, helping you increase the conversion of every call. Sniper is an automated matchmaking service, that automatically assigns agents with leads that they are most likely to close.

Soft values have been under-utilized in the past, even though the value has always been known.

Sniper combines the soft values of the agent and the customer, utilizing all available data, including the history of the agents and customers.

Sniper will ensure that you never waist contacts by having the wrong agent call them. Sniper has been proven to not only raises sales volumes, but also decreases the time the agent spends talking with the customer.

Start using modern data mining to reach a new level of intelligent selling, get Sniper now.