Get call center business intelligence in time for summer

Call center business intelligence systems help you store, access and analyze your data so you make the right decisions at the right times.

Business intelligence (BI) can be strategic or tactical, tools or systems, data or insights… that should all play a key role in agile business decision-making.

Are you missing BI? What are the signs?

1. You don’t know if people want to work for you or not.

2. Your best agents and your home-working agents work separately from the rest of your teams.

3. You are training your agents to use software and systems.

4. Your agents are talking to different customers at random.

5. Your field agents and any agent that makes a mobile call do a lot of manual data entry.

6. You get your reports on XLS spreadsheets. Every report is formatted differently and you cannot compare week-on-week, month-on-month.

7. You have to ask for every report. And then they take days, as every report is custom-made by a third-party.

8. You get different reports from different systems. The data is separated. You cannot tell where the reports overlap.


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9. You can’t tell your team if they are on target this month because you can’t see the data until after the end of the month.

10. When you look at data and targets with your agents, the metrics are not the same as those you must report to your board. And they are not aligned with your company’s KPIs or strategic objectives.

11. You don’t know if your agents are inefficient.

12. You don’t know why some agents sell more than others.

13. You don’t find out about issues, failures, successes until long after they have happened.

14. You do not know what your customers are experiencing. You don’t even know when or how your customers come into contact with your company.

15. You don’t know how customers talk about your business and if they give you negative references.

How can you get call center business intelligence?

When you have the right call center software, it comes loaded with business intelligence, and you can immediately see the signs. You eliminate spreadsheets and meaningless data. You work with real-time dashboards and no effort reports. Your KPIs are good to share in real-time with the team and with the CEO. You have it all at your fingertips: agent productivity benchmarks, performance alerts, constant monitoring, gamified elements, and more.

Overall, with more call center business intelligence, you can meet and surpass your goals and report your successes with far less effort. And you are going to come out smelling of roses.


Summer is coming. Go on. Treat yourself! Make yourself look good. Get software that will lift your performance and get some real call center business intelligence.

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