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Eero -
Cloud Specialist

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date_range 29.11.2019

A few years ago, Eero figured out that his dream job would be to work with Linux System administration โ€“ maintaining, developing and automating the infrastructure. Now he is working at LeadDesk with exactly this and feels he can really make a difference on the infrastructure side. He truly feels he has been able to grow professionally during his time at LeadDesk and enjoys the open and multicultural working environment. If you want to know more about why he chose LeadDesk and how he finds the work here โ€“ please keep reading!

Could you tell us a bit about your background before we start?

I graduated in 2016 after finishing my vocational qualification in business information technology studies at Helsinki Business College in two years. During my studies, I also started working as a Data Management Specialist at a data procurement analysis company. Back then my role was mainly to categorize data but later I switched to administrate internal IT and servers, ordering laptops and other IT equipment, maintaining the network, and internal Windows servers. During that time, I started doing Linux system administration as a hobby and it became a dream for me to someday be able to do it as a profession. After working for about 2 years in the data procurement analysis company I started studying at Haaga-Helia and was able to learn more about Linux systems, automation tools, and configuration management.

What made you join LeadDesk?

A friend of mine was working at LeadDesk with Linux system administration โ€“ developing and maintaining the infrastructure. I had realized that my dream job would be exactly what he was doing. What also caught my interest in LeadDesk was that I heard that everything was done with Linux and that automation is used heavily which I really liked.

How does your typical workday look like?

How a day looks like, varies quite a lot. Usually, I start my day by checking my sprint list of tasks that need to be done, like for example setting up new load balancers and automating this. I then try to find a guide on how to do this, do it manually for a few hours and then start writing it in Ansible code. If I am on-call, I am on duty from 5 pm in the evening to 9 am in the morning. Sometimes during the on-call duty hours, there is an alarm, for example, a service that isnโ€™t responding normally which might require troubleshooting and applying appropriate fixes. In addition, there might be some nightwork like a firewall change or some database changes.

What are the best parts of working at LeadDesk?

I have now been working for a bit over one and a half years at LeadDesk. The best part of working at LeadDesk I think is that I get to do the kind of job I want to do and making a real difference on the infrastructure side. I also enjoy that people are not too strict about things, there is no micromanagement and I can largely affect how I do stuff. We also have great tools that support my work. ย 

Looking back at the year and a half or so you have been with us. What have you learned?

I think I still learn something new pretty much every day. I have learned about a lot of stuff for example how infrastructure works in a professional setting, how everything works and flows together and about automation. I also feel I have developed professionally concerning people skills and how to communicate with customers as well as internal colleagues. ย 

Any greetings for people considering to apply for a job at LeadDesk?

I can highly recommend LeadDesk as an employer โ€“ we have great people working here! In our team, you can largely affect what you want to work with and how you want to do it. I feel people really listen to you, also on the management level. I think this is a good place for open-minded people who want to constantly improve things.

Finally, we all enjoy a great lunch with colleagues. What are your top picks for lunch places nearby?

This is a tough one as we have two great places just nearby: Sushibar + Wine in the same building downstairs and Via Tribunali just a short walk from the office. There are several other lunch places nearby, but I could survive only with these two.

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