Case study: Intrum Justitia

Intrum Justitia is the leading credit management and solutions company in Europe with over 75,000 clients worldwide.

In Finland, Intrum Justitia has around 400 employees with major clients in banking, insurance, telecoms and the public sector. The company’s contact centers perform a vital role in handling relationships with end-customers (debtors). Intrum Justitia’s work helps facilitate business and make trade smooth, safe and fair.
What was the problem that LeadDesk solved for Intrum Justitia?

Prior to LeadDesk, Intrum Justitia in Finland only handled outbound calls for specific cases. This did not justify a dedicated outbound dialer solution. Across Europe the credit management industry has seen a rise in the use of outbound. The Nordic markets have seen rapid growth in outbound due to the reliability of personal identity data, positive feedback from debtors, plus faster and cheaper case resolution.

Intrum Justitia’s outbound work focuses on end-customer service that helps people manage their finances. There was some apprehension about how Finnish end-customers would react to phone rather than postal contact – but the reaction has been very positive.

What kind of outbound solution was Intrum Justitia using previously?

Prior to adopting LeadDesk, the Finnish office was handling outbound calls via desk phones with manual integration with their legacy inbound system – only for specific cases.

Why did Intrum Justitia choose LeadDesk?

Intrum Justitia wanted a close partner that could provide local support in the local language. LeadDesk was also able to answer the data handling and security needs of demanding financial clients. LeadDesk’s monthly per seat pricing was also found to be attractive compared to the previous solution.

The company looked at four different vendors, including their inbound vendor and outbound solutions from other Intrum offices. Contact Center Manager Juha Seppälä and his colleagues chose the solution they felt offered the best outbound dialer.

“In our LeadDesk trial our agents were very pleased. Everything was easy and smooth. We have many agents with experience from other contact centers. Their feedback has been that our outbound dialer is so much better.”


Juha Seppälä, Contact Center Manager, Intrum Justitia, Finland

What changes have occurred since Intrum Justitia adopted LeadDesk?

The outbound team is now making tens of thousands of calls every month. The outbound team is very competitive and relies on LeadDesk’s live monitoring. Automated daily reports are used for specific customers. LeadDesk has also been a factor in agent recruitment.

“When our new agents ask what outbound system we use and we say ‘LeadDesk,’ they say ‘great’. Reporting in LeadDesk is excellent. It is very easy to get new reports for specific campaigns. Our partnership with LeadDesk has also helped us to win an important banking customer.”


Juha Seppälä, Contact Center Manager, Intrum Justitia, Finland

How did LeadDesk meet Intrum Justitia’s unique needs?

After adding the LeadDesk Predictive Dialer to Intrum Justitia’s LeadDesk Software deployment, monthly calls quadrupled from approx. 10,000 to 40,000. The team has also been able to seamlessly double in size and it has been straightforward to onboard new agents.

What can contact center decision-makers learn from this case?

“If you are starting with outbound choose your vendor wisely. It is a resource commitment. We have very flexible tools available to us. Do it your way. You know your customers best. Of course, there is some risk involved. Talk to other outbound companies about their dialers. Get your vendor to understand your vision. We did that with LeadDesk and we have had excellent results.”


Juha Seppälä, Contact Center Manager, Intrum Justitia, Finland