Manpower Group is the leading global supplier of innovative HR and outsourcing solutions. Manpower Finland is one of the Nordic region’s largest outsourced contact center operations – with over 700 agents.

What was the problem that LeadDesk solved for Manpower?

Manpower’s Finnish contact centers found their legacy hardware-based solution costly to run and difficult to customize. Scaling up or down created additional costs and downtime. There were too many error hours and outages negatively impacting on productivity and profitability. In addition, the system did not provide timely feedback data and the lack of Caller ID caused dropped calls.

What other factors were important in the RFP/sourcing process?

One of the main triggers for software renewal was talent. Manpower wanted to enable remote working, have more flexibility for agents and their devices, reduce outsourced IT, and widen the available pool of “super agents.” More flexible billing and recovering the physical space taken up by legacy hardware were also factors.

Why did Manpower choose LeadDesk?

Manpower’s procurement process highlighted some key LeadDesk strengths:

  • Software-as-a-service with no need to manage own servers/switchboards
  • Billing via per seat licensing with easy upgrade/downgrade
  • Reliable VoIP telephony
  • Intuitive and easy-to-adopt agent interface
  • Configurable, flexible Caller ID implementation and call reply routing/handling
  • Live performance visibility for the whole team, including management/clients
  • Cross-platform, multi-device capabilities combined with web-based agent interface for remote working
  • Customizable software architecture and responsive development team
  • Secure and compliant, meeting the demands of specific financial clients
  • What changes have occurred since Manpower adopted LeadDesk?

LeadDesk Software enabled call recipients to see agent-assigned phone numbers – Caller ID instantly raised Manpower’s call answer rate by over 20%. Manpower was able to reduce service costs, pass on savings to clients, and meet stringent SLAs.

Agents are now able to see their performance in real-time and how it relates to other agents. Competition and motivation has increased. Manpower CC management can access the dashboard at any time and use a combination of automated and on-demand reports.

Manpower is a global leader in human resource management. In Finland the agent recruitment process has been revolutionized. Manpower now has access to a countrywide talent pool and new agents from beyond facilities’ physical catchment areas. The best agents are on-boarded at the contact center and then work remotely throughout Finland.

“LeadDesk has been the most pleasant product adoption with the least amount of surprises and downtime. They do not make empty promises, and they have always delivered as expected.”

– Tomi Romo, ICT Service Manager, Manpower Group, Finland

How did LeadDesk meet Manpower’s unique needs?

Manpower’s outbound business required certain advanced call list management features and custom reporting solutions. Manpower ran a pilot to demonstrate the reliability, scalability and productivity of the LeadDesk Software solution.

LeadDesk’s inbound features have enabled Manpower to service a major new customer in a new sector. This was a key new business win for Manpower and is predicted to be a significant revenue driver in coming years.

What can contact center decision-makers learn from the Manpower case?

“For complex outbound/inbound CCs you need to list your needs, work through them and be clear about what is in-scope and essential at launch. LeadDesk has a strong core product and you need to be open about your business needs to get the best out of the customization possibilities.”

– Tomi Romo, ICT Service Manager, Manpower Group, Finland