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Boosting sales by integrating CRM with multi-mode dialer

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date_range 12.08.2019

Are you handling sales or customer service over the phone, with a CRM that isn’t integrated with a dialer? You could be losing sales, and you could be working much more efficiently. The single biggest performance improvement you could make is dialer CRM integration with a real multi-mode dialer.

How can an auto dialer for Salesforce or other CRMs help your business?

  • Helps reduce admin time and effort
  • Fewer resources needed for data entry
  • Lower average handling time for agents
  • Improved contact list management
  • Unify inside sales and outsourced teams
  • Better decision making from sophisticated campaign monitoring analytics
  • And most importantly. More sales, faster sales!

8 ways dialer CRM integration can increase sales

How can you make the most out of a dialer – CRM integration? Below are 8 ways you can use the integration between LeadDesk and your CRM.

1. Match an inbound caller with a CRM contact

The phone number of an inbound caller is checked for a matching contact in the CRM. If found, the contact’s details, orders, and activities are shown in the agent’s streamlined dialer view. Edits are saved directly back to the CRM. This makes contact handling fast and minimizes manual data entry.

2. Call ending reasons trigger CRM sync

When an agent selects a call ending reason a new lead is created in the CRM. There are various fields aligned and reason specific info is automatically synced. Agents can use powerful dialer features, like predictive dialing, for massively increased hit rates, with full transparency.

3. Cold call booking efficiently creates new leads

When an agent makes a meeting booking, a Salesforce Lead is automatically created with full contact, company and agent information. In addition, a Salesforce Event is created with meeting information. Using an auto dialer for Salesforce in this way makes for a very efficient workflow with outsourced bookers.

4. Sync and filter new contact lists with your external CRM

When a new paid lead list is imported into LeadDesk, existing Salesforce Contacts, Leads and Accounts are filtered out so that only new contacts are added. This is a huge cost saver across call center outsourcing networks. It avoids unnecessary duplication and results in lower costs per lead.

5. Integrate external affiliate marketing companies

When an affiliate marketing company adds leads one by one to a contact list in LeadDesk they are checked against blacklists and previous contact lists and either accepted or rejected. This dialer CRM integration avoids duplicated work, wasted work and speeds up the sales cycle.

6. Cost-effective surveys by third-party specialists

Different call ending reasons and order statuses trigger survey codes that are provided to an external survey company. Different automated surveys are conducted depending on e.g. if the customer ordered or not. This means far more cost-effective surveys.

7. Hotlists improve the whole team’s performance

Detailed contact, call, and environment data are combined from the dialer and the CRM to segment and manage hotlists. Hotlist contacts are then automatically assigned, based on agent performance, previous contact, etc. Placing hotlist leads with underperforming agents makes the whole team more productive and gives a huge boost to hit rates,

8. Advanced routing and priority traffic

Incoming calls and emails are checked for a match in the CRM and routed according to defined rules. Routing can be based on agent skills, geography, and language, and priority can be given to different lead or customer types. This increases agent efficiency and customer satisfaction.

How does CRM Dialer integration work?

The best call center software, like LeadDesk, should include a web API to make different dialer CRM integrations quick and easy.

A powerful multi-mode auto dialer can be a powerful front-end for a CRM. You get the advantages of using your existing CRM with faster, more effective call handling, better monitoring, and more sophisticated interaction data.

There’s no need to change your telephony or install new hardware to get an auto dialer for Salesforce. Cloud-based dialer CRM integration means no capital expenditure and no need for a heavy IT project.

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