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LeadDesk at Call Center World 2017 in Berlin Part 2

Olli Nokso-Koivisto, CEO of LeadDesk, visited the CCW in Berlin and gave his opinion about Chatbots, the hottest topic at CCW 2017, and the Call Center World in general.

This is part 2 of our CCW 2017 review. Read part 1 here.

What do you think about the chatbot hype?
Chatbots can certainly increase efficiency, but at a cost. Having a real customer service agent interact with customers, helps you better understand what the customer is feeling.
I’m also a bit skeptical about how chatbots affect the user experience. We feel that reaching the desired quality is not possible yet. That’s why we’ve recently been seeing some pioneer companies backing away from advanced chatbots. It’s a controversial and complex field. One thing is certain: Nobody wants to talk to a “dumbot”. But I don’t believe we can foresee the extent of what’s possible and understand the risks of artificial intelligence.

Which role does LeadDesk play in the chatbot world?
We understand technology providers as enablers. Our customers are the ones directly facing the substantial changes. By staying close to our customers and their challenges we ensure to be available to bring the solutions just in time. With an easy to use contact center software, we help call centers to make the most of their interactions and enable them to provide their services in the most efficient way.

What’s the future of chatbots?
Deep machine learning helps us to move further into augmented customer interactions. With the help of deep machine learning, there will undeniably be innovative ways to upgrade customer service workflows and automate a lot of the process. Automation will of course increase efficiency, I just hope we don’t lose the human touch.

In terms of networking and observing the other exhibitors, what was your experience at this year’s CCW?
Every chance to network should be taken to connect with partners, customers, and prospects. The Call Center World is a suitable place to get them all together. Of course, it’s important to check out the offers of competitors and walk around the fair grounds to stay up to date with what’s going on around us. The improvement levels rise quite fast but we noticed that more and more companies specialize in niches. They either focus on a specific industry or one field like outbound and outsourced call center services.

What did you take away from the CCW?
The main key learning for us is the need to work on future proofing our services further. As markets and the competition environment is fast changing, we need to stay sustainably stable. For example, by getting into the ecosystems more and improving our own.