LeadDesk on tour

The Multichannel Conference in Utrecht

What is the Multichannel conference?

Multichannel is the Netherlands leading conference for everything related to e-commerce, marketing and sales. This year the event was held April 19 – 20 in Utrecht. More than 3000 international visitors got to mingle with each other and the 38 exhibitors that were present.

LeadDesk was present, providing our partners the possibility to chat with our Dutch team, at the LeadDesk booth.

Highlights from Multichannel:

The multichannel conference in Utrecht offered a wide range of interesting lectures about gamificationhow multichannel efforts can increase salesinfluencer marketing and cross channel tracking. All in all, more than 100 presentations where given, by industry experts. Below you can find some of the highlights.

Increasing the customer lifetime value:

Tom Coronel, from Create2fit gave an interesting presentation about how to increase the lifetime value of your existing customers. Existing customers deliver more than new customers,
Tom discussed how their web-stores use multiple channels to maximize customer life value. Especially interesting was their challenge dealing with product groups that have a low buying frequency, like televisions and washing machines.

Turn your customers to promoters

Michel van Slingerland, Marketing and Sales Manager, at Fleurop-Interflora, discussed the challenge of having a different customer and consumer.
Most often, when someone orders flowers from Interflora, the recipient is someone else. For Interflora, it’s very important to achieve a wow effect to increase the likelihood of the recipient promoting their products.


Gamification is a familiar tool for the leaders in sales and service. 70% of Forbes Global 2000 companies use gamified platforms to boost staff engagement, employee retention and revenue. Now, due to the rise of automated, data-driven systems like LeadDesk, gamification has new power and potential.

Olli Sirkiä, CRO, gave an insightful talk on how gamification can help contact centers increase their efficiency and agent behavior.

Gamification has been proven to inspire call center agents to perform better, especially amongst millennials. That’s why gamifciation is already used by more than 70% of the Forbes top 2000 companies.

Today, thanks to innovative software companies, such as LeadDesk, gamification is becoming available for everyone.