Pipedrive call integration increases our sales

LeadDesk ran the first Pipedrive call integrations in 2012. It’s no secret that Pipedrive is probably our favorite CRM. Our Pipedrive call center integrations for LeadDesk’s own sales teams have been an important part of our growth story. We also have many customers that use LeadDesk call center software for Pipedrive telesales.

Pipedrive’s API key is included free with every Pipedrive subscription. Similarly, with LeadDesk, the integrations and customizations that flow through the LeadDesk API are available to all LeadDesk call center software customers.

As you would expect, there are a range of highly productive things you can do when you have the double power of LeadDesk and Pipedrive call center integration:

  • Show Pipedrive contact history on-screen when an outbound call connects or when an inbound call is answered
  • Easily create new call lists from Pipedrive data and access them in LeadDesk
  • Automatic real-time data sync of activities, contact data, notes etc.
  • Agents can work in one unified interfaced without wasting time switching applications
  • Call ending reasons and sales script interactions in LeadDesk can be synced to progress contacts down the Pipedrive funnel
  • Contacts that become e.g. marketing qualified in Pipedrive can be automatically added to call lists in LeadDesk
  • Easily set up automated tasks so that agent actions in LeadDesk trigger Pipedrive telesales events, like new deals


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Effective Pipedrive telesales needs advanced list management

Pipedrive is very flexible and how you use it will vary depending on the length of your sales cycle and how you handle lead qualification. With our own Pipedrive call center integration we have a long sales process. The LeadDesk pipeline has some leads that have been in the system for hours, and some that have been tracked for years.

Our approach to Pipedrive call integration is based on using LeadDesk’s API and advanced list creation and management capabilities. We constantly evaluate our opportunities and our sales performance. We also use 3-way integrations to take sales opportunities from our Zendesk customer service platform into the Pipedrive funnel and into LeadDesk for rapid calling.

Efficient monitoring and reporting for multi-office

Part of LeadDesk software’s appeal to outsourced call center networks and distributed teams are our features for remote multi-site monitoring and network reporting.

LeadDesk has sales teams around Europe. We take advantage of LeadDesk’s “offices” features that make it very easy to manage distributed teams out-of-the-box. It makes it straightforward for management to track our Pipedrive telesales performance in different markets in real-time. We also get an audit trail with easy-to-access call recordings and analytics.

Make the right decisions to increase your sales

Pipedrive call integration is really flexible for us. We can easily tailor the pipeline to different offices and sales processes. Agents are more efficient. Managers have the knowledge and insight they need to make decisions about sales resources, processes and collateral. LeadDesk Pipedrive call center integration has also been successful for our customers. To find out more and arrange a demo get in touch…