Do some call center agents sell more because they have live whisper, or a great call center software interface?

What affects how much outbound call center agents sell?

Let’s look at the key factors and related tools that make some call center agents close more than others…

Detailed knowledge

Call center agents need to know what they are selling. Sales scripts are the basic tool that helps some call center agents out perform others. Interactive sales scripts are one of the secrets of the highest performing agents. Interactive sales scripts help agents handle complex product variations and, more importantly, upsell easily.

Customer understanding is also a key factor. In preview dialer mode, agents can quickly review lead information, previous interactions and reminders that can help close a deal. More advanced in-window automated widgets also help increase hit rates.

High quality leads

“The leads are weak!” It’s a familiar cry from underperforming agents. Sales people working from spreadsheets, unfiltered leads, unqualified leads, or inaccurate data underperform. Every bad lead you try to chase down is just a drain on operating costs. And it’s bad for morale.

Rapid handling time

The faster that call center agents work, the more deals they can close. It’s a simple equation. But, the faster dialer modes, like predictive or progressive, are not always the answer. Different dialer modes work better on different campaigns. An intuitive interface, script, order workflow, after call workflow and optimization of data entry throughout all have a massive impact on handling time.


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Peer support

Sales is a team game. Data and how you share it and use is one thing. But you also need to be able to communicate efficiently within the team. Sometimes data, automations and triggers take care of communicating vital facts. But we are human. Agents need guidance, feedback and prompts to keep improving.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Can your call center software interface make your agents more competitive, more constructive, more persuasive? Unreliable software, poor call quality, slow workflows, bad fulfillment, and lost transactions are all preventable with the right tools.


Beyond the tools

Of course, how you recruit your people and handle your clients also impacts on your agents’ effectiveness. In this article, we focused just on the third dimension:

  • Recruitment: The relative success of your recruitment strategy, how you deal with retention, your team, their skills and fit for the campaign
  • Brief: The quality of your campaign brief, how well you understand your clients, their products and the target group, and how your share with your clients to continuously optmise your work
  • Tools: Your choice of tools and how well your software fits your culture, your campaigns and how well it suits your call center agents

Why do call center agents close more with LeadDesk?

We recognize that those are all vital factors that your tools should address. That’s why we designed LeadDesk to get agents working at peak performance. 

Detailed knowledge needs interactive sales scripts

LeadDesk includes interactive sales scripts, preview dialer mode (amongst many) and in-window performance widgets (e.g. local news and weather, KPIs and gamified elements). 

Never run out of high quality leads

LeadDesk offers a unique contacts database service, where call centers can order high quality, low cost, segment leads directly within LeadDesk call center software.

Rapid handling time requires a lean call center software interface

LeadDesk includes a fast and intuitive ordering tool. It is easy for admins to configure. We also have many customers running integrations with client-side ordering and logistics systems via our API. Our lean call center software interface helps speed up every part of workflow and cut handling time.

Live whisper is an essential peer support tool

LeadDesk’s remote listener and live whisper LeadApp is the ideal tool for team leaders to give agents live support and help them close more deals. Our unique account dialer mode is great for teams working together on multi-contact account-based B2B campaigns. Our gamification solutions and in-window agent chat LeadApp and are more great ways LeadDesk agents learn more to close more.

LeadDesk entrepreneurial spirit

They said it couldn’t be done. They said it would take days to set up, days of training, hours to configure. But they were wrong. LeadDesk takes care of the heavy lifting so agents can get on with closing deals. It’s instant to set up and requires no agent training. LeadDesk molds to fit your team and your campaigns, and your local regulations. LeadDesk is for closers!

The feedback we get is that, yes, LeadDesk positively affects results. But, our software also has a positive effect on people. That’s something we’re proud of.

Do you want to get more out of your call center agents and increase your sales?