Virtual call center software

What is a virtual call center?

A virtual call center has many things in common with any other call centers, with one significant difference: The call center agents do not need to be located in one central office premises.

Since the agents are connecting virtually, they can work from wherever they are. As the name suggests, virtual means that there is no need for either a physical location or much hardware. Instead your sale- or customer support teams access the call center virtually, by logging in to the call center software online.

Who needs a Virtual Call Center


For outbound, where your sales team uses the virtual call center solution to schedule appointments, conduct surveys or sell products and services.


For telesales, where you have a dedicated team of call center agents support your sales by more aggressively advertising and selling your products and services


For inbound, where you use the virtual call center solution to handle your customer service.


For blended/in- and outbound, the all-in-one solution where you let the same people handle both your customer service and your sales supporting functions.

What you should expect from a good virtual call center software:

Just because you’re giving up on a physical space doesn’t mean that you have to give up on quality. A good virtual call center software will bring you all the same functionalities as a traditional software, just with lower costs. It doesn’t matter if you’re focusing on inbound customer service, or if you’re using a predictive dialer to increase you sales, a virtual call center can help you.

When choosing a virtual call center software for you, make sure that you at least get:


Multichannel functionalities: email, chat, SMS, social media etc.


Easy to use reporting: automatic tracking and control functionalities, real-time reports any time


Flexible integrations: seamless connections between your existing sales and contact tools


Security: all data is in the cloud and no data will be saved on an agent’s computer


Flexibility: not all agents are tied to one specific location

The best way to find out if you need a virtual call center is to try it out yourself. All you need is a computer, a headset and a