Clear call center reports help media sales company Z-Works maintain steady growth

Z-Works took advantage of LeadDesk's advanced reporting tools, using data to predict and improve their contact center performance.

Z-Works is an ambitious media sales company. To build on their impressive growth, they needed better reporting and sales structure. Switching to LeadDesk helped keep their growth momentum.

Branded content for the media

Z-works is a media sales startup based in Rotterdam. They sell and produce branded content for radio, television and podcasts, both domestically and internationally.

Z-Works has grown rapidly in its first few years. Two and a half years ago, their agents made about 50 calls a day. They were able to double the number to 100 by switching to a call center software. However, good agent efficiency without analytics only gets you so far.

Effectiveness and flexibility key for an ambitious startup

Z-Works previously used a software that was so complex that customisations and data analysis required hours and hours of work. Z-Works felt like they didn’t get enough support to make the software effective. Also, reporting data didn’t match with information from sales. They were trying to grow fast without proper visibility into their operation.

That was when Sven Schimmel, LeadDesk’s Account Executive, contacted Z-Works. “We identified Z-Works as a driven company with global ambitions. That’s exactly the kind of case where LeadDesk’s cloud-based contact center software can work its magic,” Sven says.

“Sven convinced us that LeadDesk could offer us effectiveness, scalability and better analytics capabilities. We saw LeadDesk as a young and hungry company that matched our drive. We were definitely right,” says Tico de Rooij, Team and ICT Manager at Z-Works.

Proactive cooperation and easy-to-use features drive success

After hearing what LeadDesk could offer, Tico had concerns about the onboarding process: “We had a really tight schedule and downtime was not an option. However, LeadDesk trained me and our team leads so efficiently that the onboarding went smoothly with no time wasted.”

In addition to an introduction video that was shared to all agents, LeadDesk’s experts came to Z-Works regularly to ensure that everything went according to plan.

According to Tico, the main benefit of LeadDesk is its straightforward and customisable user interface: “LeadDesk is so easy to use that I can do the IT work for 100 employees alone. With our previous software it took five minutes to add an agent to a campaign. Now team leads do it in 30 seconds. Customisable dashboards allow team leads to see their team’s key metrics in a glance.”

Another key feature is reporting. “LeadDesk’s reports are easy to read. You don’t need extensive IT skills to see the metrics you want to analyse,” Tico explains.

Tico also mentions a few other LeadDesk features that make a difference to Z-Works:

  • Blending: Z-Works uses LeadDesk for Inbound and Outbound sales. When existing customers call Z-Works, automatic call distribution ensures that the customers get to talk to the same agent who made the initial contact. This way inbound calls become a sales opportunity.
  • Branded calling: LeadDesk shows the Z-Works logo on the customers’ screen in outbound calls for many mobile phone models. Branded calling makes customers pick up more often and faster.
  • Omnichannel: Being able to contact customers in various channels makes communication more flexible.

Z-Works grows globally with clear visibility into their operation

LeadDesk supports Z-Works in the company’s growth. “When you grow as a company, you need to see data that tells you exactly why and how you are growing. The data from LeadDesk is so accurate and relevant that we can use it to anticipate our future performance,” Tico explains.

A fast-growing company needs structure. Despite sudden changes and new faces, there has to be a solid foundation. “In the past, we were shooting in the dark, trying to guess our way towards a solution. LeadDesk provides us with stability and proven best practices that can be trained to new personnel easily,” Tico continues.

As a cloud solution, LeadDesk has also supported Z-Works in hiring staff from abroad. They now have a remote team of 20 agents. The remote agents are spread around the world but get their training from the Netherlands.

New solutions for sustainable growth in the works

LeadDesk wants to be a proactive partner rather than merely providing the software. “Our philosophy is based on understanding customer needs and providing solutions,” Sven explains.

Z-Works is planning on connecting LeadDesk to their Pipedrive CRM system. This API integration would support their sales prospect management efforts. Other potential projects include the Superstars gamification add-on for agent motivation, Replica database for advanced reporting and Power BI integration.

LeadDesk’s continued support has encouraged Z-Works to use LeadDesk across the whole organisation from sales and customer service to the finance department. Affiliated companies are switching to LeadDesk, too: “Usually after you’ve been a customer for a year, the service provider forgets about you. LeadDesk calls us every month and is interested in our needs. And if I have a problem, LeadDesk usually solves it within two hours. This is why LeadDesk is now used throughout the organisation and our affiliates,” Tico concludes.

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About the contributor

Tico de Rooij is the IT Manager at Z-Works. Tico makes sure his colleagues can work to the best of their ability by ensuring that all technology used by Z-Works operates smoothly and helps every employee get their work done. He has wide-ranging previous experience in outbound sales and content management.

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