Predictive Dialer

Comparing dialer modes for call centers

Choosing the right call center dialer – dialer mode comparison

Every business is different. The only thing all businesses have in common is change. Every business changes as it grows and the marketplace shifts.

When your business changes, the way you handle calls has to change too. Perhaps you need to change dialer modes for next week’s campaign, or maybe you need to change modes for the next call!

When you make a dialer mode comparison, how do you know what is industry standard, what is out-of-the-box… what dialer is right for you?

We’ve put together a handy fact sheet for you on auto dialers and dialer modes.

You will close more with the right call center software dialer

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In outbound call center work the right dialer can transform a business. The family of auto dialer software includes simple applications for call popping, sophisticated call center systems, cloud-based software, apps for tablets and mobiles, and hardware-powered systems.

For most people in the call center industry, we use the term “dialer” or “auto dialer” to mean the front end of our software used by agents for the all-important action of making calls.

But, switching dialers, or moving to multi-mode dialer software from spreadsheets, can be daunting. It is an important business decision. This is where your agents spend all their time. This is where you close every deal on the road to your sales targets.

Are you looking for a dialer mode comparison? Let’s start with a reminder of the common dialer modes.

Automated dialer modes


In semi-automatic preview dialing there is a pause before the agent triggers the call. You usually have the opportunity to view contact details, product details, call script etc.


In automatic or progressive dialing the system starts dialing the next call when the previous call is over.


Predictive dialers dial and route calls automatically while the agent is still on the previous call.


In power dialing the system always ensures there are more active calls than agents at any one time.

Power IVR

Automatic Interactive Voice Response outbound robocalls. The lead is automatically dialed and guided through a menu of options via pre-recorded messages (note: legality varies by country).

Manual dialer modes


Account dial lets teams view multiple leads at the same company for handling e.g. long sales cycle B2B sales.


Click-to-call button-style dialers typically enable you to mouse-over and click to call numbers on websites, CRM interfaces and spreadsheets.


List dialing enables the agent to browse the available call list and select a specific contact to call.


Manual dialing via a keypad simply enables an agent to type a number to call.


When an agent or field salesperson enters face-to-face conversation data or offline call data into the system.

Are you using the right dialer mode?

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