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It’s easy to work together, we have a good philosophy

It’s easy to work together, we have a good philosophy “It might take a while” That’s what Edvard Östlund was told after the very first meeting with LeadDesk. This while only took 3 hours and one week until he became part of the LeadDesk team in May 2016. First, he started as a consultant and now he is one of the account managers in Sweden. LeadDesk’s CEO Olli Nokso-Koivisto named the Sweden team LeadDesk office of the year 2016 because “it runs smoothly like a good working machine with an ongoing hum.” Edvard Östlund find the office very open-minded and going out after work or talking about the work and the private life with the colleagues is a given thing.

Edvard Östlund |

Account Manager at LeadDesk

If you could be an animal, which would you be?
A wolverine. They’re determined, fast adopters and bears back away from them.

What’s your favorite pizza topping?

What’s the strangest talent you have?
I’m pretty good at welding metal.

If you could go to any mountain which one would it be?
The King’s Trail “Kungsleden” in Sweden it’s more than 400 km long and the nature changes a lot.

From art to gifts

Edvard took economic classes as well as courses abut entrepreneurship. He also studied art from the stone age’s caves to impressionism. With his creative mind, he always thinks of new ways to approach prospects. His entrepreneurial spirit is something he can use well at LeadDesk, too.
Before Edvard came to LeadDesk he founded a company that made gift giving easier. He is aware of the people around him and he learns from others. A coworker taught him the basics for APIs and coding: “All I know about IT was given to me. You can learn a lot from the people around you.”

Daily business as an account manager

Edvard describes his work as: “Every day is different and new things happen all the time. It’s never mundane.” He works together with his customers and helps them develop their business further by efficiently using LeadDesk. In meetings with new clients he discusses their requirements and understands what they need. Edvard confirms: “I enjoy explaining how LeadDesk will make their business expand and then see it happening.” It’s important to Edvard to be actively involved throughout the entire customer lifecycle. From the first meeting and throughout the implementation he wants to know what is going on: “You have to be in the loop and know what is happening everywhere. I have to make sure everything gets followed through because I have full responsibility.” Currently, the biggest customer in Sweden has a complex business model with over 400 products, 3 different teams and offices and more than 100 agents. “It’s more about project management than selling and pitching. It can be challenging at times but sure helps you grow.” More than 15 people from the client’s and LeadDesk’s side are involved. A former boss once told him: “It’s about to keep the number of screw ups as low as possible but always calculate with some.”

The secret to great customer relationships

Edvard Östlund knows the secret to good customer relationships: “You have to be totally honest. Don’t try to sell them anything before you understand them and their business. Honesty is the key to developing trust with your clients.” His customers can always count on him. He declares he’s always reachable in case of emergencies but in after hours and the weekend he doesn’t look for it. He enjoys being offline and out in the beautiful nature of Sweden.


On top of the mountains

That is where you will find Edvard Östlund always, figuratively at work and literally as a private person. Growing up, he spent every vacation and free time in the woods of northern Sweden. He used to go outside to chop wood when he was bored as a child. The forest and outdoor lifestyle helped him with several life lessons. “The tranquility of nature can help you clear your mind easily.” Climbing, hiking, fishing and camping are his choice of leisure time passing. At the moment, he is working on his pitch to his girlfriend for the next several-day hiking and camping trip. Encounters with bears and other big animals don’t scare him: “They don’t usually attack people.”