The industry standard


There’s a LeadApp that will help you close more

Customize your call center software. Grow your business. You’re just a few clicks from an app that could transform your business. Connect with Salesforce, add advanced call QA, save deals with e-signing, and more.
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LeadDesk is the industry standard call center software platform

We help developers and service providers sell more

Our API helps create business opportunities for developers and service-providers, like client-side and CRM integrations. We also have the LeadApps marketplace where developers can sell their add-on apps and extensions.


  • LeadDesk is the industry standard call center software platform
  • LeadDesk is for call centers, innovators, developers, integrators and advisors
  • LeadDesk is for closers





Take control of your network

LeadDesk is the scalable solution for clients, CC networks and outsourcers. It’s cloud-based software designed for multiple sites, teams and campaigns. You can have tiered real-time monitoring access, remote working, parallel dialer modes and advanced reporting routines.
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Call center-grade telephony for your CRM

LeadDesk isn’t a bolt-on Salesforce click-to-call dialer. It’s a powerful sales and customer insight platform. Our customers use LeadDesk Software with Salesforce, Dynamics, Base, Pipedrive, Zendesk, and more.
Automate business processes, gamify tasks, matchmake agents, and add the right tools for your business.
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We help our customers and partners grow their business

We call our accredited partners, developers and resellers LeadPros. They collaborate, innovate, and build business with the help of our web API. Our LeadPro network has one goal: to fuel the growth of Europe’s most successful call centers… by helping them close more!