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and clients

LeadDesk call center outsourcing software for networks, clients and multi-site teams

Unify multi-national, multi-site call centers

The LeadDesk dashboard offers real-time monitoring with tiered access rights across unlimited sites and agents. Our open API helps you make rapid integrations with client-side systems. Add or remove agents, offices and outsourcers in a few clicks, and only pay for what you use.




Compliant with local regulations out-of-the-box

LeadDesk includes specific local compliance processes and tools. We develop new tools to keep you one step ahead of new regulations. LeadDesk is ideal call center outsourcing software. It’s also great for enterprise-class and distributed CC networks that have multiple offices, systems and country regulations. Our global server architecture includes local data centers to meet local data and privacy regulations.
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Instantly scale your call center outsourcing network

Call center outsourcers love LeadDesk. They can give clients/product owners the right level of access to real-time data, and easily integrate with ordering systems. Grow your business with lower risk. Add or remove campaigns, agents and entire offices, in a few clicks. Cost-effectively manage new outbound, B2B, and multi-channel inbound campaigns.

Outsourced agents love LeadDesk. Because they close more.
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