LeadDesk is a fast-growing and internationalizing software company, operating in the cloud-based software market in Europe. LeadDesk is listed on Nasdaq First North.

PUBLISHED 18.02.2021

LeadDesk Oyj Financial Statement 2020

Outstanding year for LeadDesk as the Nordic’s leading contact center software vendor, over 45% ARR growth

We offer the LeadDesk cloud service for high-volume sales and customer-service needs, such as contact centres. Other major customer industries include: media, security services, energy, telecommunications, financial services, and market research.

We have grown into the leading supplier of high-volume sales and customer-service software in the Nordic countries. We have offices in seven countries in northern Europe. Our LeadDesk cloud service is used by over 1000 customers around the world and handles over 500 million personal customer contacts annually.


The following analyst follows LeadDesk plc. and provides investment analysis on the company. LeadDesk plc. is not responsible for the content in the analysis.

Antti Luiro
 +358 50 571 4893

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