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B2B View is an essential tool for B2B sales teams and call centers that offers advanced call management, contacts management and objective setting in a convenient package.
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LeadDesk B2B View is designed for specialist B2B sales teams and agents. It enables them to maximize their productivity by logically grouping contacts. It streamlines complex B2B sales funnels and integrates B2B sales-specific data management and reporting.

With the LeadDesk B2B View you can:

  • Customize unique sales funnels for B2B campaigns
  • Make it easy for your agents to follow complex B2B sales processes
  • Quickly view your B2B campaign status, company-by-company
  • Access B2B-specific reporting to add-value to your client relationships

LeadDesk B2B View offers

  • advanced call management,
  • advanced contact management,
  • advanced objective setting

The ability to create customized sales tracks with advanced contact and call handling features, enables agents to increase call quality, cut down the time taken to close deals and maximize conversion rates.


On the admin’s interface, you get a “B2B tab” to configure the agent’s side B2B view. Campaign calling method -> b2b -> that is all the agents will see. You can create statuses for companies (those used in B2B view) under the tab “Company status”. B2B view lists all the companies, you can browse the companies and the history of all contacts from all campaigns within a company. You can add company comments. In the call dialogue’s new tab “company” you will find all the information about the company. When you import calling list you can select some information and use them as a string to attach contacts together.

Additional information

Technical requirements

No special requirements. Compatible with the latest LeadDesk version.


The LeadApp will be available within 4 business hours after purchase. Please contact LeadDesk support, if you’re experiencing any difficulties.