B2C Contact Bank

per license/month
79,00€ - 150,00€

Low-cost self-service consumer contact lists from leading national database providers. B2C ContactBank is now available for activation in Sweden and Finland. Contact us for other countries’ launch dates.
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We want you to have the shortest and most efficient path to every sale in every campaign. A key part of our approach is to integrate the best current lead data into LeadDesk. B2C LeadBank offers you self-service campaign target groups – at low cost.

Please note that B2C ContactBank features and functions vary by market, based on availability and regulations.

With B2C ContactBank you can:
• Download consumer campaign target groups from data supplied by leading national database providers
• Filter the leads you buy based on location, age, gender, and other advanced criteria, including home ownership, household size, phone number type etc.
• Download lists directly and automatically from within LeadDesk so your agents are ready to call in seconds
• Pay less per lead and per list because LeadDesk is a major reseller of contacts data and is able to pass on substantial savings to customers
• Browse your history of orders and billings
• Pay for your leads via your LeadDesk invoice as one convenient package with your other LeadDesk contact center services

B2C ContactBank is in heavy use by our customers in Sweden and Finland. Our aim is to launch this service in all our markets. Get in touch to find out the latest roll out schedule for your country.