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LeadDesk’s LeadBank is a self-service tool within LeadDesk that enables you to quickly and easily buy low-cost business leads with a variety of targeting and filtering options. Currently available in Finland. Activate to arrange a trial

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In B2B meeting booking and phone sales verified, accurate lead data is vital to avoid wasted and misplaced calls, and to help make agents credible and convincing. LeadDesk is a key partner for major national contacts data providers and we offer one click B2B call list ordering from within via the LeadBank service.

Please note that LeadBank features and functions vary by market, based on availability and local regulations.

With LeadBank you can:
• Download campaign target groups populated with business-to-business leads provided by leading national database providers, including validated personal and business data
• Filter the leads you buy based on a vast number of key criteria – and only pay for the leads that fit your campaign
• Download lists directly and automatically from within LeadDesk so your agents are ready to call in seconds
• Save money on every lead as LeadDesk is a major of contacts data and passes on savings to customers
• Pay for leads along with your subscription in one convenient LeadDesk invoice

The LeadBank app is designed as a self-service tool. We also work closely with our customers to ensure that they can access the right leads. Request activation for more info or contact your LeadDesk representative.


There are 6 tabs (views) when LeadBank is enabled for admin:

– (1) Overview: shows general statistics about the contacts in the system e.g. total amount of contacts grouped by call ending reasons, deliveries (ei.e. exports) grouped by different timeframes

– (2) Filters view: the page allows clients to use different predefined filters to download the contacts

– (3) Manual filtering view: allows clients to use dynamic filters

– (4) Contacts: allows clients to upload contact lits into Leadbank

– (5) DNC: allows clients to upload Do-no-call (DNC) lits into Leadbank as well as remove existing DNC lists from the system

– (6) Update log: shows info about data updates done by either nighly updates or external URL

Additional information

Technical requirements

Works on everything. Note that update tasks needs to configured (insert contacts, update contacts, update call count, insert dnc blacklist)


PCS (Samu)


Contact support

Availability (countries)

Language = Finnish. Only available for Finnish clients