Live Performance View – DK

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Get a comprehensive overview of your active campaigns. Activate the Live Performance view and get instant access to your current campaign performance. Note! This is the Danish language version. Also available in Swedish and English.

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The Live Performance View is designed to help managers and admins manage work efficiency on both a campaign and agent level. Activate the view and get view your daily performance in one comprehensive view.
The view will provide you with instant access to relevant information on how well your individual campaigns are performing, today. You’ll be able to get an overview of all your active campaigns, including all your essential KPI’s like Deals, Products, Hitrate, Sales, Answered calls, Callbacks, Talking time, and handling time.


You can choose what campaigns to include in the Live View by navigating to them and choosing Display this campaign in Live performance report. When choosing the campaigns, you should also choose three call ending reasons or call ending reason groups to showcase in the report. The first Deals are automatically included, so you don’t need to choose them separately. Once the Live Performance View has been activated you’ll be able to find a new page called Live Performance in your overview section. There you’ll see an overview of how your campaigns are performing. By hovering over the campaigns you’ll be able to choose more detailed information about the campaigns, including agent and call ending reason statistics. If you want more details information about your agents performance, simply click on their name. You’ll get a summary of their orders, and call ending reasons.