New custom reporting tool & reporting interface


We have rebuilt our custom reporting tool for increased reporting flexibility. We also redesigned the reporting interface for added functionality and a cleaner look.  Activate the app to enable them to your account.

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Our brand new custom reporting tool allows users to build their own reports. The user interface has been updated, and multiple new features have been added. Users are now able to group reporting rows, and calculate summaries and averages of the values.

You can now easily access your Report shortcuts – a new name for favourite reports – and run them directly from the reporting front page. You can also open multiple reports at the same time: On the reporting page there is a link ‘Open report to a new tab’, which can be launched multiple times.

Key features:

  • New Custom reporting tool
  • Grouping functionality
  • Aggregate functions for certain columns
  • Open multiple reports simultaneously
  • New reporting interface for a cleaner look