Purchase GSM Dongle

11 € per month

If you can’t or don’t want to use VoIP then the LeadDesk dongle is for you. It works like a USB stick, just plug it in and start calling.



This product is out of stock until further notice.

If you’re having problems using VoIP to call, or if you just prefer to use GSM, then the LeadDesk dongle is a good solution for you. The Dongle will let you connect your SIM card to LeadDesk and call via GSM.
The LeadDesk dongle is perfect for users who travel a lot, and don’t have a stable internet connection, but who still want to call from the road.
The dongle requires that you have a working SIM card. Pre-paid can be used, juts make sure you have enough credits on it.

Please note: This product only works in combination with the LeadDesk installed application.
This product does therefore not work for MAC users or Windows users who use the web-browser to call with.