SmartAd by LeadCloud

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Increase your conversion by warming up your contacts with targeted Facebook ads before calling them. Manage your target audience and upload ads easily with the LeadDesk Facebook Advertising Tool.
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Give your sales teams a head start with the Facebook Advertising Tool. Warm up your contacts and increase the chances of closing with the first call. By targeting your lists on Facebook your contacts don’t feel overwhelmed or surprised by your call and are already aware of your product.
With the SmartAd LeadApp, you can:

  • Easily post ads on Facebook directly from LeadDesk with just a few clicks
  • Choose who to reach with the ad from your own contact lists in LeadDesk
  • Offer exclusive deals for new prospects
  • Motivate your sales people by offering them lists that are already warmed up


Pay for your Facebook ad credits in the app and upload your ad content with just one click. Decide how much you want to spend on the campaign by setting the campaign’s budget. You can trigger the campaign directly from your contact lists, so you will only reach the people you want to target. When you’re ready, click the button “Launch” to automatically start the campaign. Tracking options show you how many of your customers have already seen the ad.