SmartData by LeadCloud

SmartData by LeadCloud will automatically analyse your calling list and divide it into four segments, based on the estimated potential of your contacts.
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Make sure that you contact your leads when you have the highest chance of closing. SmartData by LeadCloud will help you call your clients when they are most willing to answer, talk and purchase from you.

As a result from years of analysis and development, we are able to identify customer behaviour and help you identify when to call your contacts. The sophisticated algorithms utilize data from your previous calls and estimates the potential of each contact in real time.

Dividing the calling lists into groups, based on their potential, allows you to use specific segments in different situations.

With SmartData, you can easily identify from your existing lists or new target segments who are proven to be active, respond to your calls and who want to buy.

Start using aggregated data, and make your cold calling more efficient. Get SmartData today.