100€ / month + 15 € / agent
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Motivate your employees further by gamifying work in LeadDesk. With the Superstars gamification add-on, you can easily build live dashboards and sales competitions as well as gain insights and reports that will help them stay focused and motivated. The Superstars gamification add-on is based on Saleskick technology

We are running the first pilots with Superstars. You can request to pre-activate the feature below!

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LeadDesk Superstars is a simple and user-friendly add-on to engage your agents and gamify work in LeadDesk, which helps you get the best out of your sales team by focusing on the metrics that matter the most.

Having a motivated sales team is critical to the success of your organization. By visualizing performance in an engaging way we increase the productivity and the overall results. With smart features you no longer need to spend time on how to motivate your sales force, we will handle it for you!

The Superstars add-on is based on Saleskick technology.

Examples of Features:

  • TV-dashboards.
  • Sales Competitions.
  • Goals & Budgets management.
  • Deep insights and reports
  • Engaging Leaderboards
  • Smart notifications for better decisions making.
  • Sales Forecasting and much more