Superstars gamification add-on


Motivate your sales agents with gamification, competition, and engaging visuals of performance and targets.
Build live leaderboards, competitions, and more to show on TV screens with just a few clicks. Gain insights and reports that will help your team stay focused and motivated. With Superstars, your team can follow their performance on every device.
It has never been easier to motivate your sales force than with the Superstars gamification add-on!

110€ /month + 15€/agent/month

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Get the best out of your sales team with LeadDesk Superstars! Engage your agents with our easy-to-use sales gamification add-on.

Choose the metrics you want the team to focus on and let Superstars visualize agents’ and team’s performance engagingly to motivate them. Boost the sales by creating playful competition between agents that they can follow on all devices: computer, mobile, or on office TV screens together as a team. Coach your agents with customizable targets that you can edit and adapt in seconds. Deep insights and advanced reporting, for admins and agents.

  • TV-slideshows with various slide types and animation
  • Sales competitions with prizes
  • Engaging Leaderboards showing the live progress of agents and teams
  • Target management: You can set individual targets on each KPI for every agent, team, and project
  • Insights and reports, including agent, team, and project performance
  • Excel-exportable spreadsheets and visualized data

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