Feedback processes to keep learning, thriving for evolvement

It began with a convincing pitch

Even though it was quite a while ago but it is well remembered by Tatu Huttunen: A speech given by Olli Nokso-Koivisto, CEO of LeadDesk, and Sami Luostarinen, RnD Manager at LeadDesk, at the Lappeenranta University of Technology. Tatu didn’t know about LeadDesk before, but quickly applied for a summer job after the event in January 2014. At that point, he had been studying Information Technology for 3.5 years. Tatu originally comes from Lempäälä and moved 2010 to study in Lappeenranta. He remembers: “It’s my first real job and LeadDesk looked like a cool place to work for.” He smilingly added: “Also, the office is conveniently placed right next to my school and my apartment. I like short ways.”


Same title different person

As a Software Developer, his day to day work has changed quite a bit since he started. Tatu can do a lot of new things and he is happy with the variety of tasks. He feels heard and points out: “I have more to say about different fields because I bring in more experience now. I like that I have a say in designing something new.”

The RnD team’s focus lays on developing the product. They are in charge of designing, implementing and testing new features. Sometimes they help the Support team with high-level technical topics or when complex tickets need fast answers. The LeadDesk RnD team is always ready.


Tatu Huttunen

Tatu Huttunen

Software Developer at LeadDesk

What’s your favorite pizza topping?
I’m a Pepperoni kind of guy.

If you could have any super power what would it be
Teleportation. Well, what does this tell you about the person I am?

What is currently your favorite video game?
Watch dogs 2

What’s a talent of yours most people don’t know about?
Music DJing



If you want more responsibilities you can get them

When Tatu started in 2014, he had a lot of theoretical knowledge and some IT practice. Surrounded by well-experienced developers he can now say: “I’ve learned a lot since I started and I can now take on more responsibilities with confidence.”
Recognition and responsibilities come hand in hand not to prove something but to push development further. And Tatu appreciates that: “Having the full ownership of a design project and creating something is very satisfying.”

At LeadDesk, no day is like the last one. Tatu admitted: “When there are no fires to kill, we concentrate on moving forward with our product. But those special fix and repair days keep things really interesting.” Tatu likes working in the RnD team: “The team works well together as one unit and I think that is a good base for a great learning environment.”

Feedback feeds the hungry brains

In order to keep learning one needs constant feedback. It can be a long and rough way from status quo to status pro. But with the help of experienced developers, Tatu sure is on the right path. He explains: “We check each other’s new codes and give feedback. Sometimes when I work on something for a longer time I might not see a simple way anymore and the code gets overcomplicated.” Which is understandable when working with up to five different programming languages and technologies.

The work-study-life-balance

As Tatu is working on his Master degree in Computer Science he works part time at LeadDesk. He has about one year left of studying. When he is not working, or studying, he enjoys playing computer games and being a DJ: “I like listening to all kinds of music from every genre but when I create sets it’s usually electronic and house music.”

Tatu has been in Lappeenranta for 7 years. He likes the part of town where the LeadDesk office is located and he knows about the famous sights: “The big lake and the harbor are very pretty and there is a statue for the legacy about a horse riding soldier called “Rakuuna” from the dragoon squadron.”
In case you ever find yourself in Lappeenranta, stop by the LeadDesk office and let Tatu and the RnD team show you around.