First call resolution up. Cost per contact down.
Close more customer service cases, faster, with LeadDesk.

Just high quality multi-channel customer service

LeadDesk inbound is easy to set up with full routing and reporting options.
Get calls, emails, texts and chats in your agents’ inbound queues.
LeadDesk cloud multi-channel contact center software is also perfect for blended inbound. Your agents can handle enquiries and simultaneously close more deals.
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LeadDesk multi-channel contact center software is fast and easy to set up




Grow your business with intelligent inbound

For inbound, multi-channel contact center software is now standard.
With LeadDesk you can instantly ramp up inbound features as you need them.
For outbound and blended call centers, if you can switch on email and chat, you can win new business.

Innovative, low-cost multi-channel contact center software

LeadDesk is VoIP-friendly cloud call center software that will lower your costs.
It’s designed for ultra high efficiency agent and admin work.
Our state-of-the-art tools for compliance, QA, routing and monitoring are just a few clicks away.