Call center outsourcing

Outsourcing buyers are trying to get more value for their money. In call center outsourcing, business is no longer won by the lowest cost provider. Outsourcers can have real-time access to their data across their whole outsource network. Outsourcers can see the value of results, in terms of customer satisfaction and efficiency of sales.

The call center outsourcing business will change. What are the BPO trends driving change in 2016:

1. Automation

The distant dream of robotic process automation (RPA) is getting closer. Automation in digital services will be closely scrutinized by enterprises. They will demand that service providers actually deliver on the promise of increased efficiency. Companies will become more sophisticated in automated service procurement and will resist being guinea pigs.

2. Deep partnerships

Software vendors and service providers that have proven their value will work closer than ever with their customers. More internal tasks will be outsourced. There will be some pain as some vendors are unable to deliver and handle higher-skilled processes or the cultural change. Internal and external roles, client and customer, will become blurred. In sales and customer service, call center software that can seamlessly link externals with internals will be in high demand.

3. Impact sourcing

Socially responsible outsourcing will start to gain traction with internet-based services. Enterprises will use impact sourcing to demonstrate social responsibility. Impact sourced services, that employ economically disadvantaged workers at low cost will be studied and copied.

4. Crowdsourcing

Paid crowdsourcing services and task marketplaces will be more familiar to business decision makers. As service quality improves, micro-task outsourcing will make way for more global project crowdsourcing. Competitive areas, such as creative services and data management, will be shaken up as tasks are put to the crowd, globally.

 5. Bimodal IT

Mode 1: traditional and low risk IT delivery, in parallel with mode 2: exploratory. Companies will clearly differentiate between more predictable IT projects and rapid development projects.

6. Knowledge Process Outsourcing

High-skill level tasks, such as research and analysis, in challenging fields, such as science, engineering and law, will be outsourced more. BPO, FPO, CCO, now KPO. Previously it was unthinkable for a company to risk not retaining intellectual property within the organization. That will change as new models of knowledge service providers enter the market.

7. Resilience

Enterprises’ expectations and reliance on outsourced and hosted services means they will not accept downtime. SLA adherence will be a new battlefield, and a new cost center. Enterprises will insist on disaster recovery plans, critical infrastructure testing and guaranteed business continuity.

8. Hybrid cloud

The mix of private and public cloud services. Enterprises are using more secure, customized, self managed private cloud services, integrated with standard external business services. Companies face the challenge of integrated private and public cloud in terms of security, scalability and flexibility. A good example is integrating cloud contact center software with internal ordering systems.

For more information about how call center software can integrate with internal systems, like ordering and logistics, and with external tools, like CRMs, get in touch with LeadDesk.

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