Playbook for teamleads

Empower your team. Drive sales and customer loyalty.

Take control with real-time, actionable data that gives you the power to right-size queues and improve contact center profitability, while responding to unexpected shifts and other changes in real-time.

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Playbook for teamleads in Sales

You're in charge! Playbook provides you with everything you need to lead, coach and manage your team. The right tool at the right time makes sales coaching as easy as it should be. Focus your time on where it's needed the most.

Playbook for teamleads in Customer Service

Customer service is led by data. With Playbook you can ensure your Customer Service operations are always running smoothly. Get a quick overview on which queues need more help, agent activities and more.

Build your own Playbook using ready-made cards and arrange them as you like.

Agent group cards and queue activity

Get a quick and easy overview of all agents, what they do in real time and important key figures.

Agent groups

With the agent group card, you have full control over what the employees do; logged in, on call or ready to call. You can easily find positive and negative deviations and effectively support your agents.

Agent group status (Inbound)

Status cards help you keep track of several queues at the same time. Use several small cards on your screen that show the summaries of your queues to get the full picture with a glance.

Single agent cards

The single agent cards provide an in-depth picture of each employee, as well as comparisons with the project section. In these cards you can see statistics in different time horizons and easily identify deviations.

Queue status and times

These cards show historical data for specific queues. Choose a time frame from 15 minutes to the last month. You also get visualized information showing distribution between waiting time, talk time, handling time and more.

Project cards

The project card provides a total overview of the current project in real time. The historic view gives you access to the past hour and day performance. You can also change the dialer mode between preview, progressive, power and predictive with one click.

Send agent messages

Provide quick feedback to single agents or the entire group through messages.

Remote listening

At the touch of a button, you can go in and listen to a call. Works from both your computer and mobile phone, no matter where you are.

Your team plays better when coached. Playbook helps you gain the wisdom and motivation you need to be an effective leader.

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