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Google Single Sign-On

Google Single Sign-On (SSO) let’s users log in with their Google Workspace (G Suite) credentials, making the login faster and more secure.

105€ /month

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The Google Single Sign-On is for companies using Google Workspace (former G Suite) accounts for authentication across apps and services. After activating the Google SSO LeadApp, all LeadDesk users including Agents, Admins, Team leads, and Managers in your organization can log in to LeadDesk using just their Google credentials.

Please note that the SSO works only with Google Workspace (G Suite) accounts and can’t be used with Gmail or other external Google accounts.

What is single sign-on?

With single sign-on or SSO in short, your staff members can log in to all their services with just one set of login credentials.

Why activate SSO for LeadDesk login?

  • Employees have to memorize one set of credentials less
  • Enhanced security by minimizing the password fatigue
  • Prevent misuse of old credentials centralized: Only users with active Google Workspace credentials can log in to LeadDesk
  • Save time by not having to reset employees’ forgotten passwords in LeadDesk separately