Terms and conditions – Free trial

The LeadDesk contact center solution for call center organizations. The LeadDesk solution is provided on a Software-as-a-Service basis, which includes the latest, automatically updated version of LeadDesk software.

Prices, licenses, contract period and invoicing
The contract is for a 12-month binding period, after which the contract is automatically renewed with a new contract period of the same length unless the contract is terminated with a 3 months notice to the end of the contract period.

During the pilot period (30 days), the contract can be terminated without incurring license costs. Pay-per-use services that exceed the free VoIP minutes are invoiced normally.

Services are invoiced on a monthly basis. The service for the coming month is invoiced at the beginning of the respective month with the exception for pay-per-use services, which are invoiced the following month after the services have been provided. The payment time for invoices is 7 days.

Prices are defined on LeadDesk’s website: https://leaddesk.com/pricing/. All prices exclude VAT.

Product support
Product support is included for 1 month. Additional support hours are charged on an hourly basis. The hourly cost is 75€ / hour. Support by phone 09-42891826 and email support@leaddesk.com is available on weekdays from 7am until 5pm CET. If problems are caused by the service provider the support will be free of charge.

Other terms
Both parties undertake to comply with the LeadDesk General service terms and conditions. https://leaddesk.com/terms-of-service/

Limitations during the Free trial

The customer is limited to 150 minutes of free VoIP.
LeadApps are not included in the free trial, and can occur costs for the customer.
To use the Free Trial the customer needs to have a valid business email (generic emails, e.g. gmail, yahoo, etc., will not work) and mobile phone number.
The duration of each individual call is limited to 90 seconds after which the call will be disconnected.