The best browser-based predictive dialer!
Instant results for sales teams of all sizes.

The fastest agents use our cloud predictive dialer

Predictive queues your outbound calls and makes your sales rocket. It’s a seamless part of the much-loved LeadDesk interface. It’s a low-cost VoIP predictive dialer. And it’s compliant with EU regulations. Out-of-the-box.
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The LeadDesk VoIP predictive dialer is fast and compliant




Not all predictive dialer software is created equal

Predictive was originally created for inbound customer service. Not for closing deals. Our predictive is specifically designed for outbound. We have also coded unique cloud predictive dialer software algorithms. So, even smaller teams can close at high speed.

LeadDesk cloud predictive dialer software is easy to integrate with CRM systems

Easy client-side and CRM system integration

Combine lightning fast predictive with your own CRM. Or connect to client systems. It’s easy to integrate with ordering, logistics or marketing automation software. Outsourced call center networks can run all their seats on LeadDesk. All with real-time, multi-site monitoring.
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Easy-to-use, multi-mode dialer with power features

Our VoIP predictive dialer is part of our cloud-based call center software. We give you a choice of dialer modes. There’s progressive, power, preview, account, list, and manual, as well as predictive. You can easily assign different dialer modes to different campaigns and agents.