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Predictive Dialer software ensures your agents can engage with as many customers as possible.

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What is a Predictive Dialer

Predictive Dialers are an automatic, AI-powered dialer mode that prioritises outbound calling efficiency, making sure your agents talk to as many customers as possible. It uses an algorithm to analyse call metrics, like Average Call Duration or average number of dials required to get an answered call. It uses this data to predict agent availability and determines how many calls it can dial to create an optimal call center environment for reaching contacts and closing deals.

When you use a Predictive Dialer, your call center will always have more lines open than there are free agents. Usually, you can set an abandon rate to limit how many contacts are reached without an agent available.

A Predictive Dialer should have built-in features to detect answering machines, busy signals, voicemails and unanswered calls. This is to ensure your agent always connects with a customer. It also means that as soon as your agent has finished their call, they get connected to a new customer, with no wait time on either end.

Why should you use a Predictive Dialer?

The biggest benefit to Predictive Dialer software is efficiency. It aggressively optimises agent efficiency by maximising the number of calls connected and minimising idle time.

Predictive dialers continuously analyse your call center’s status. Instead of only looking at the current number of available agents, it also predicts when agents will be available for their next call. These predictions are based on numerous metrics, including learning from your own call center, which helps ensure accuracy.

Your agents don’t have to dial or wait for the customers to pick up. The dialer connects them with an active contact immediately after they close the previous call.

What size of team benefits from using a Predictive Dialer?

Predictive Dialers are generally intended for large campaigns with 15+ agents. It is not designed for use in smaller teams, since the agent pool isn’t large enough to accurately pair an active contact with a free agent. This is because smaller teams don’t create a lot of data, and these algorithms require a lot more data to operate properly.

If you have low- to medium-quality contact lists and you want to emphasise quantity over quality, a Predictive Dialer might be ideal for you. For existing customers or high-quality contacts it might be better to use a dialer mode that ensures customer contact from the first second and allows your agents to prepare before the call.

Why choose LeadDesk for your Predictive Dialer needs?

LeadDesk solutions use our own, ultra-strong call infrastructure Contact Center as a Service platform, which guarantees high-quality audio and 99.95% uptime. All of your data is in one location for easy reporting no matter which dialer mode you use.

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How does Predictive Dialer compare to other automatic dialer modes?

A Predictive Dialer is similar to other automatic dialer modes, like the Power Dialer or Automatic Dialer. However, there are significant differences between these dialer modes in terms of intelligence and efficiency.

Automatic Dialer vs. Predictive Dialer

An Automatic Dialer is a good choice for campaigns with existing customers or medium to high-quality contacts, as it improves efficiency without sacrificing customer satisfaction. It waits until the agent has finished with the previous call before automatically dialling the next number. This way you get decent agent productivity without the risk of a customer answering their phone with no agent free.

Power dialer vs. Predictive Dialer

Power Dialers and Predictive Dialers are similar in that they both keep more lines open than there are available agents. Unlike a Predictive Dealer, a Power Dealer does not use AI to determine the rate at which it makes calls. Instead, it has a pre-defined calls-to-agent ratio that dictates dialling frequency.

This more rigid approach makes it harder to quickly adjust to rapidly changing campaign and call center situations. This might create situations where you risk calling too many or too few customers. As a result, either Abandon Rate or Agent Efficiency might suffer.

5 tips to make the most of a Predictive Dialer

1. Integrate with CRM to reach the right contacts

Make sure you’re targeting the right contacts in your Predictive Dialer campaign by using a contact center software that allows you to extract contact lists and data straight from your CRM. This way the algorithm can use your existing data to optimize the dialing process.

2. Use analytics to validate your dialer choices

Use the analytics in your contact center software to monitor campaign performance. If agent performance, campaign activity and sales reports indicate that results aren’t up to the standard you expected, you might want to consider trying a different dialer mode.

3. Ensure you are compliant with local regulations

Predictive dialers are strictly regulated in many countries. You should always pay attention to local guidelines that govern certain metrics, such as abandon rate. A contact center solution with local experience in your country should have all regulatory answers you need, so consider a local partner who has ticked all the boxes in regulatory compliance.

4. Voicemail detection improves efficiency

Outbound sales pitches delivered to voicemail rarely get a reply. Agents are far more efficient when they talk to a potential customer live. The better Predictive Dialers on the market detect voicemails and will drop those unanswered calls and remember to call them back at another, more suitable time.

5. Use Predictive Dialer for low to medium-quality leads

A Predictive Dialer is not a tool for making your existing customers feel valued. Even with the best voicemail detection systems, there will be abandoned calls when there actually is a person on the line. You should only use this dialer mode for large campaigns that focus predominantly on efficiency and have enough data to allow the algorithm to learn and improve.


Predictive Dialer FAQ

How do I set up a Predictive Dialer in LeadDesk?

Predictive Dialer is available to purchase as an add-on LeadApp for all LeadDesk for Outbound sales plans. You can read more about the Predictive Dialer LeadApp on the LeadApp Store..

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Does Predictive Dialer require extensive training?

No. Predictive dialer is an easy-to-use dialer mode that doesn’t require specific agent training.

I operate a small contact center. Should I use Predictive Dialer?

Probably not. Predictive Dialer is generally most effective for campaigns with large teams of 15+ agents. LeadDesk’s Predictive Dialer has a minimum limit of 7 agents per campaign, but we always recommend more agents, because the more agents, the more effective the software is.

There are so many dialer modes. How do I know which one to use?

Knowing the right dialer mode for your campaign can be daunting. You can learn the basics about dialer modes, and a comparison of their strengths and challenges in our Total Guide to Contact Center Dialer Modes.

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