Serve all your customers. Not just some.

Solve up to 90% of customer inquiries automatically with AI Chatbots. Eliminate frequently asked questions from your support queue and deliver faster, specialised service to customers.

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Smarter Customer Service with AI Chatbots

Multiply productivity

Save up to 330 hours each month in customer service. Give your agents time to resolve challenging customer situations and improve customer experience.

Slash queue length

Shrink first response and resolution times. Eliminate up to 65% of customer wait time in live chat.

Serve 3x more customers

Chatbots provide 24/7 support with instant response times. Give more customers more answers, all day, every day.

Happier agents

Cut down tedious repetitive interactions and empower your agents with more meaningful work.

Transfer to live agent when needed

Agents can pick up the customer conversation where the chatbot left with all conversation information on the screen. Plus, agents can see all historical customer interactions to provide even more personalized support.

Smart AI knows what you mean, even misspelled

Powered by a custom AI that utilizes NLP and NLU to understand customer intent. The chatbot suggests questions to learn answers to in the chatbot studio, and understands synonyms and related phrases out-of-the-box.

LeadDesk customers typically see returns on their AI chatbot investment within 3 months.

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Perform actions like subscription updates automatically

Robotic process automation means the AI chatbot can connect to your other systems, like inventory, delivery data or CRM, and perform actions based on the conversation. Customers can complete common tasks, like delivery updates, without agent assistance.

Zero technical skills required

Build your first chatbot after a 2-hour training session. Customer service agents can maintain the chatbot knowledge using the simple chatbot studio interface. You don’t need an IT department to maintain the chatbot – all technical work is done by LeadDesk engineers.

24/7 Availability
in customer service
330 Hours saved
per month
65% Shorter
customer wait times

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