LeadDesk customer service solution vs. a shared mailbox

The cloud-based, omnichannel LeadDesk customer service software makes your customer service operation more versatile and efficient compared with a shared mailbox. Are you ready to throw limitations out the window and switch to a versatile solution?

Features that set LeadDesk apart

Smooth case assignment benefits the agent, contact center and customers

With a shared mailbox: Customer service case distribution is chaotic. Agents can accidentally start solving the same email simultaneously. Even with flagging, case status might not be accurate and up to date. Your agents could even solve the same case twice, if the customer calls straight after emailing. This frustrates customers and your agents and reduces contact center efficiency.

Harder cases often get attention last, as agents compete for the easiest ones. This cherry picking results in erratic service quality and wasted time.

With LeadDesk Omni, you get various benefits:

Agents have more even workloads, as cases are automatically distributed between agents.

Contact centers are more efficient when agents don’t spend time selecting cases.

Customers get faster and more consistent attention as IVR automatically distributes cases to agents with time and relevant expertise.

Customer conversation histories essential for quality service

Customer cases often require the input of several agents.

With a shared mailbox: Anyone who continues solving the case has to start from scratch without context or with a quick briefing from the previous agent handling the case. Thus agents perform many stages multiple times. The result: low efficiency and bad service.

With LeadDesk, every customer interaction is compiled into one view. Your agents have complete visibility into full customer histories and service tiers. Agents can also add notes to brief their colleagues so they are instantly on top of the customers’ story.

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Omnichannel is essential for good customer experience

Customers want you on their favourite channels, and to value their time with touchpoints on relevant channels related to their case.

With a shared mailbox: You have one channel and it’s email. Customers refresh their inbox for answers and issue resolution takes forever with lengthy, dated email threads. Agents could waste time handling the same issue simultaneously, slowing down response times and resolution rates.

With LeadDesk: Address all customer interactions on all channels in one unified customer view. Solve detailed customer issues via email, and follow up with SMS, for example. Agents stop second-guessing who’s working with which customer, as each case is clearly assigned and communication history is documented centrally.

Analytics and reporting enhance visibility into your operation

Analytics is vital in the optimisation of contact center operations.

With a shared mailbox: Gathering all the relevant contact center data is a distant dream. The mailbox might give you the number of contacts, but that’s about it.

With LeadDesk, you can measure all the metrics that matter to you, such as response time, resolution time or customer satisfaction. You take your contact center’s efficiency to a new level by setting KPIs and tracking them in real time. At the same time you also ensure that you meet your SLAs.

Time to scale? No problem

With a shared mailbox: Launching a customer service operation might do the trick when the business is small. But the bigger your operation gets, the harder it is to scale it. When you start having a variety of queues, service tiers, teams and agents, a shared mailbox becomes a bottleneck for your growth.

With LeadDesk: LeadDesk is cloud based, so it easily scales according to your needs. You can add or remove licenses and features in just a few clicks, as there is no need to install anything. You can flexibly choose the plan that offers you the best value for money with monthly subscriptions.

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LeadDesk VS alternative solutions - the guide

Learn how LeadDesk can replace shared mailbox tools for better effectiveness.

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In short: Why should you switch from a shared mailbox to LeadDesk?

Case assignment

Automate the distribution of cases and save time and resources.

Customer interaction history

Give your agents the information they need about the customers so they can solve cases efficiently.

Reporting & analytics

Set KPIs and track them in real time to get a better visibility into your operation.


Relying on emails is not enough. LeadDesk is natively omnichannel and allows you to offer unified customer service regardless of the channel.


Ensure changes in operation volume don’t become a problem.

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