Delight Your Customers – Empower Every Interaction with AI

Propel your contact center to unmatched efficiency and precision, primed with AI.

Dive into the Future

Transform Your Workweek Into a Workday with LeadDesk AI

Eliminate repetitive tasks, get insightful reports instantly. Dazzle customers with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

Customer Delight, Amplified

AI helps resolve issues quickly, 24/7, in any channel.

The Result: Better customer experience, increased brand loyalty, needs met, and questions answered.

Empowered Agents

Repetitive tasks are eliminated by AI and agents can focus on serving customers quickly, without distractions.

The Result: More rewarding work, more tasks completed, improved agent experience.

Managers Get Results

Reports built in seconds with AI. Customer service performance improves. Rapidly identify team and business development areas.

The Result: Streamlined operations, more business opportunities.

Introducing AI for Contact Centers

AI Trainer

Adaptive bot training, elevated.
Craft seamless, personalized customer conversations with unmatched efficiency.

AI Assistant

Knowledge at your fingertips.
Equip agents with instant answers, supercharge onboarding, and close deals faster than ever.

AI Analyst

Reports and insights in seconds.
Instant insights, zero effort. Spot trends, make data-informed decisions, and optimise daily operations.

AI Translator

Break language barriers effortlessly.
Help customers in their language without speaking it yourself. Provide personalised, accurate, and prompt support.

"UniSport wasn’t aware of how easy, agile, and modern the use and training of artificial intelligence can be. We initially wanted to copy our previous chatbot, but through our collaboration with LeadDesk, we realised the vast potential of combining chatbot and live chat capabilities."

Dive Deeper into more great AI tools...

AI Transcriber

Stop guessing what customers are saying

Auto-transcribe conversations, ensuring every word is captured and every need addressed, helping agents deliver exceptional customer experiences.

AI Transcriber listens to the conversation and writes it all down.

It helps agents understand customer’s needs, even in voice calls by

  • making phone conversations easily searchable
  • ensuring that previous discussions with customers are accounted for
AI Summariser

Sentiment Analysis at your fingertips

Get summaries of all your calls in one place.

AI Summariser takes the entire conversation and makes a brief summary, complete with call results and the reasons for the results. This can help you

  • track the performance of campaigns
  • evaluate new agent performance
  • reduce call handling time
  • spend less time listening in on calls
AI Voicebot

24/7 AI phone support

Address every customer inquiry and provide instant support, around the clock.

AI Voicebot is a chatbot for voice calls. Transform your phone support with:

  • deflection and automation capabilities
  • fewer repetitive issues
AI Writer

Craft messages in a heartbeat

Get personalized, context-aware, and professional messages in seconds – all in your company’s tone of voice.

AI Writer empowers agents to write long, detailed instructions for customers in minutes. Add the most important details, click a button, and you get the message written in seconds. No more writing long, detailed instructions forever.

Supercharge Your Contact Center's Efficiency

Get an AI expert to show you how to redefine your contact center operations.

Tailored To Your Contact Center
LeadDesk's custom AI learns from your data always ensuring brand-consistent, precise answers.
Speak Global
European language models at your service. Engage, assist, and dazzle customers in their native language.
Insights That Drive Growth
AI spots patterns, offering insights to refine calls and unlock business growth.