Make Stable and High-Quality Calls Using Our Solid VoIP Infrastructure

Reliable calls with high-quality audio. LeadDesk’s global VoIP infrastructure helps your agents converse with your customers without connection hassles.

Forget About Dropped Calls

Reliable VoIP Keeps Your Business Going

When was the last time your phone call dropped, or your agents had trouble hearing your customers? LeadDesk’s telephony infrastructure ensures that your contact center stays operational in every situation. Our rock-solid VoIP platform handles over 500 million calls yearly. With a 99.95% service uptime, your business will no longer suffer from bad GSM reception or operator downtimes.

Easy and Fast Set Up

Stop waiting months for a new landline. We can set you up with a VoIP account in minutes. Agents are no longer tied to their desks, as VoIP calling is available from anywhere with a stable internet connection.

Care-Free Maintenance

As an expert supplier, we can troubleshoot any issues with operators quickly. And as we maintain our infrastructure; you don’t have to worry about coordinating issues between different parties. If one operator fails, we can switch you over to another.

Additional Features for Efficient Calling

Many LeadDesk features, such as efficient dialer modes, are only available via VoIP. Some of these features can be restricted if you use a third-party VoIP connection, such as through an operator partner.

Easy Analysis for All Your Calls

VoIP also enables efficient data collection. All calls are tracked and managed on the same data platform, helping you get a detailed picture of how efficiently your contact center is running.

Save Money With VoIP

Instead of monthly fixed fees for calls, you pay only for conversations you have. VoIP can also reduce the costs of calling abroad and to business numbers.
With LeadDesk’s infrastructure, we can handle your entire VoIP connection end-to-end. You no longer need to negotiate pricing with a separate telecom operator.

Learn more about VoIP from our blog or by contacting our experts.

LeadDesk’s VoIP Makes Calling Customer Easy

Never miss a call

Thanks to our robust infrastructure, connection troubles are a thing of the past.

Improve cost-efficiency

Pay for the calls you make, not for unused subscriptions. Leave the troubleshooting to us and focus on running your own business.

Start calling quickly

A new VoIP account can be set up in minutes. No lengthy negotiations or implementation projects.