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Try LeadDesk. It’s a complete cloud software for outbound sales, inbound sales and customer service.

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Why should you choose LeadDesk?

LeadDesk is easy to set up, efficient to use and suitable for all businesses looking to handle hundreds of contacts per day. As a result, you can improve the performance of your agents and increase the performance of your business.

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What kind of a solution are you looking for?

LeadDesk is a single solution, but it’s suitable for three different purposes: outbound sales, inbound sales and customer service. To find out more about how LeadDesk can help you close more, choose what kind of software are you looking for.

Software for Outbound Sales

Make calls faster with our intelligent dialler.

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Software for Inbound Sales

Manage multi-channel sales environments.

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Software for Customer Service

Quickly respond to your customers’ needs.

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Case study
City of Oulu

How to act as a city when the government asks everyone over the age of 70 to stay home to quell the COVID-19 crisis? The city of Oulu wanted to help its residents by ensuring their well-being with a massive calling campaign.

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How much does it cost?

LeadDesk is an affordable option for businesses of all sizes with prices starting at 85€ per license per month.

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