LeadDesk customer service solution vs. a ticketing system

The cloud-based, omnichannel LeadDesk customer service software greatly increases the efficiency of your customer service compared with old school ticketing systems. Time to switch from cases to genuine customer dialogue?

The features that set LeadDesk apart

Uniform interface keeps agents on top of everything

To enable a smooth customer experience, an omnichannel customer service solution should offer easy access to information about the customer and the status of the contact center as a whole. Instead of looking at a single ticket, your agents should have instant visibility into the entire communication history of the customer.

Ticketing systems usually require specialists to switch between different systems to get a good overview of a specific situation. LeadDesk, on the other hand, provides a uniform interface that allows agents to get all the necessary information with just a glimpse.

Channel independence makes agents more effective and motivated

Different channels are effective in different situations. Whereas ticketing systems are often limited to one channel, LeadDesk allows your agents to use their expertise in choosing a channel that best serves solving the customers’ problems. The freedom to control their own work motivates agents, which should also show in the quality of your customer service.

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Personalized service improves customer satisfaction

Along with solving their problems efficiently, your customers appreciate an approach based on flexibility and human touch. LeadDesk turns the focus from tickets to genuine dialogue between a customer and an agent. The customers get better service, while you have more opportunities for upselling and increasing customer satisfaction.

Complete customer history smoothens interaction

Isolated ticketing systems are usually case-centric. Effective customer service, however, benefits from a broader context. With LeadDesk, your agents know the customers’ service history and tier and can thus delight them by proactively offering solutions that reduce repetition and improve customer satisfaction.

LeadDesk’s reports offer strategic insight

LeadDesk provides holistic insight into your operation. Ticketing systems only give channel-related reports, but LeadDesk collects data from all channels in use and integrates it into your CRM. This drives sales and supports you in the optimization of your operation and the fine-tuning of your business strategy.

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Make ticketing part of your omnichannel solution

Want to use ticketing for complex cases that require a specialist? We at LeadDesk have concentrated on developing a cutting-edge omnichannel solution that delights your customers, while also offering SuperOffice integration for ticketing needs. You can try LeadDesk for free or learn more about our customer service solution.

LeadDesk VS alternative solutions - the guide

Learn how LeadDesk can replace ticketing systems for better effectiveness.

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In short: Why should you switch from a ticketing system to LeadDesk?

Uniform interface

Control everything that happens with an easy-to-use interface.

Channel independence

Choosing the right channel to use for each situation improves agent efficiency and motivation.

Full customer history

Customer history supports agents in avoiding repetition and providing targeted service.

Personalized service

LeadDesk enables genuine dialogue between customer and agent.

Quality reports

LeadDesk’s reports cover all channels and support you in optimizing your operation.

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