LeadDesk call center solution vs. spreadsheets

Spreadsheets, especially Microsoft Excel, used to be the standard tool for organising call center operations. With the emergence and evolution of quality call center software, there's no reason to use spreadsheets in sales anymore. We'll walk you through the main benefits of switching to the cloud-based LeadDesk call center software.

Features that set LeadDesk apart

Call efficiency skyrockets

Dialer modes, interaction management and VoIP are native to LeadDesk. You can make calls like never before. Boost call center efficiency in various ways:

Dialers: Dialing manually is a waste of time. With LeadDesk you get automatic dialers and even AI-powered dialers for every campaign need. This triples agent efficiency.

Interaction orchestration: Organising your operations in a spreadsheet is hard and ineffective. With LeadDesk, analyse interaction data from all your channels, set touchpoints for actions and create campaigns.

Coaching: Support your agents’ development with LeadDesk’s tools, such as listening and whispering.

Performance management: Plan campaigns, set targets, monitor performance and reward your agents, in one simple interface.

All your real-time data in one place

With spreadsheets: Everything is tedious. You have to enter and organise data yourself. Manually entered data is only as up-to-date as the latest edit and loses accuracy easily.

With LeadDesk: Automate your data collection, organisation and visualisation. Get relevant, accurate and real-time data to make the right strategic decisions at the right time.

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Reporting is easy and accurate

With spreadsheets: Generating reports is inefficient and inflexible. You spend more time entering numbers and combining datasets than analysing and benefiting from the data. Accurate reports are vital for call centers to optimise their operation, but data entry shouldn’t be the main focus for team leaders.

With LeadDesk: All your relevant call center data is collected together, making it easier for you to analyse your operation. Generate customised reports to better understand every operational detail. Your team leaders can finally concentrate on what’s important – coaching and motivating your agents based on actionable data.

Cyber security prevents breaches

With spreadsheets: Spreadsheets are a security risk. Shared Excel files with confidential information about customers and business details are risky. People could access them from unsafe networks and unauthorised access is more likely. Spreadsheets can be emailed by mistake, opening you to more data breaches.

With LeadDesk: Your call center data is safe in an encrypted cloud. It can only be accessed through personal user profiles, ensuring that you comply with GDPR and relevant local legislations.

Scale with ease

With spreadsheets: When your call center is small, spreadsheets might just be enough. But as your operation grows, it becomes harder to scale using spreadsheets. With every added campaign, target, team and agent, spreadsheets become a bottleneck for your growth.

With LeadDesk: A cloud-based software that easily scales according to your needs. There is no need to install anything, and you can add or remove licenses and features in a few clicks. Flexibly choose the plan that offers you the best value for money with monthly subscriptions.

LeadDesk adjusts to your needs

With spreadsheets: Customising your operation is a nightmare. Changing the way a complex spreadsheet works to match new needs or approaches requires an unacceptable amount of work hours.

With LeadDesk: Run your operation the way you want. Having a variety of queues, teams, campaigns, skill sets or periodic changes is not a problem anymore. You can flexibly customise the whole operation or specific parts to suit your needs.

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LeadDesk VS alternative solutions - the guide

Learn how LeadDesk can replace spreadsheets for better effectiveness.

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In short: Why should you switch from spreadsheets to LeadDesk?



Automate your operation to improve efficiency.

Real-time data

Automatically collect, organise and visualise crucial data.


Save time and get better insights into your operation by automating and customising reports.

Cyber security

Store your confidential data in a secure cloud and comply with local legislation.


Ensure changes in operation volume don’t become a problem.


Easily tailor the software to suit your unique needs.

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