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What is Click-to-call dialer software?

The click-to-call dialer, sometimes also known to as click-to-talk or click-to-dial, is a dialer mode that detects phone numbers on websites, CRMs, spreadsheets and makes them clickable. Agents can call the numbers they see by simply clicking on the number.

Click-to-call makes it easy and fast to call contacts found by agents operating more flexible outbound campaigns.

Click-to-Call dialer software generally has more features than simply detecting and calling numbers. For example, it should save the data in your CRM for future use. This would mean that agents can follow up on promising cold calls easily.

Why should you use a Click-to-call dialer?

Click-to-call dialers are extremely flexible. They allow agents to prioritise their contacts on the go, as they see best. If a campaign’s next steps depend on the previous call’s outcome, click-to-call helps your agents to adjust their plan as needed.

If you integrate a click-to-call dialer with a CRM, you can easily browse and find new leads that your agents can follow up on later. Quick and efficient follow-ups are a proven way to drive sales.

With a Click-to-call dialer, your agents have the time they need to prepare for the next call. When they need to dial, agents can make the call in one click. This saves valuable seconds, as there’s no need to press numbers manually.

When should you use a Click-to-call dialer?

Click-to-call is a dialer mode for solo agents or small teams running highly customised campaigns. Dialing volumes are inevitably lower than they would be in automatic dialer modes.

When you are running campaigns with rapidly changing situations and if there are many possible sources for your contacts, Click-to-call is a good option. If, for example, there’s no complete contact list available, a click-to-call dialer helps your agents flexibly search and dial contacts according to their needs.


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How Click-to-call compares with other dialer modes

The dialer mode you choose depends on your sales campaign needs. In some cases, agents need to plan each call individually, while other campaigns rely on speed with efficiency.

Click-to-call dialer vs. automatic dialer modes

Many outbound sales campaigns emphasise agent efficiency. These are where automatic dialer modes prove an ideal solution. Power dialers, Automatic dialers and, Predictive dialers offer superior dialling speed and should result in higher number of calls per hour.

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Click-to-call is more flexible than any of the automatic dialers. If one of the calls your agent makes clearly impacts who they should call next, switching from an automatic dialer mode to click-to-call gives you the possibility to deviate from the original plan.

Click-to-call vs. manual dialer modes

Some manual dialer modes are useful when you need to give special attention to a specific contact.

Preview dialers, for example, allow agents to study contact information closely before dialling, but it doesn’t give them freedom to browse various sources like when they use click-to-call.

As for completely manual keypad dialling, there really aren’t too many instances where you should use it anymore. If you get a single business card at a meeting, dialing the number manually is a good option. Otherwise you should opt for dialer modes that automate at least some parts of the outbound process, such as click-to-call or preview dialer. In all cases, using a call center solution is essential, so you can track who you’ve called and analyse your results when building a strategy later on.

5 tips to make the most of a Click-to-call dialer

1. Use when agent flexibility is needed

Use a click-to-call dialer especially when you have various contact sources and need the possibility to change plans as you go. Automatic dialer modes are better for agent efficiency but click-to-call is usually a good choice for small teams that have a specific mission.

2. Train agents to prioritise contacts

Click-to-call gives your agents freedom. Ensure that they know how to prioritise the contacts they find from different sources according to your campaign plan.

3. Integrate with CRM software to reach the right contacts

Use a contact center software that allows you to save all the clicked contacts easily into your CRM software. This way you guarantee that leads don’t slip away after you’ve found suitable contacts and dialled them.

Read more about how LeadDesk can integrate with your CRM software.

4. Follow up and close

CRM integrations also allow you to assign specialised roles for your agents. While one agent uses click-to-call to contact potential new customers, warmer leads can then be transferred to another agent instantaneously or added to an existing contact list where the other agent closes the deal efficiently using an automatic dialer.

5. Use analytics to validate your choices

Continuous analysis ensures that you have picked the right dialer mode for your campaign. If agent performance, campaign activity and sales reports indicate that results aren’t up to the standard you expected, you can consider another dialer mode to increase efficiency.


Click-to-call dialer pricing

The click-to-call dialer feature is included as standard in every LeadDesk plan, so there are no additional costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions about LeadDesk Click-to-call dialer

How do I set up click-to-call dialer in LeadDesk?

The click-to-call dialer is a standard feature of LeadDesk, so it’s included in every plan. Setting up LeadDesk only takes minutes, start your trial now.

Does click-to-call require extensive training?

No. Click-to-call dialer is an easy-to-use dialer mode that doesn’t require specific agent training. However, we do recommend that your agents are well-briefed on the campaign, so they can prioritise their calls efficiently.

I operate a small contact center. Should I use a click-to-call dialer?

Absolutely. A click-to-call dialer is especially effective for individual agents or small teams, which makes it a perfect solution for you.

There are so many dialer modes. How do I know which one to use?

Knowing the right dialer mode for your campaign can be daunting. You can learn the basics about dialer modes, and a comparison of their strengths and challenges in our Total Guide to Contact Center Dialer Modes.

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