Efficient outbound sales solution for small and medium businesses

An outbound sales solution for SMEs that helps you close like never before.

Why choosing LeadDesk for your business?

Small businesses need an outbound solution that is affordable and meets their unique requirements. With LeadDesk’s easy-to-use and reliable solution, everything just works. The modern and flexible interface keeps your agents motivated and brings in more revenue.

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All-in-one solution

Customise each campaign to meet your needs. Manage campaigns and the whole lead lifecycle for outbound calling yourself – no external help needed.

Intelligent dialer modes for all campaigns

Companies around the Nordics use LeadDesk to ensure communication at critical times. We provide automatic fault messages, service prioritization, and other features to help with crisis management. This lets your employees focus on where they are needed the most.

Efficient and easy to use

Your agents will love the fast and easy-to-use interface. It is intuitive, takes just minutes to learn and helps them close more.

Scalable for all situations

You only pay for what you need at the time. Scale your operation with just a few clicks knowing that you get the same solid infrastructure regardless of the number of licenses.

Trusted by hundreds of SME teams who value scalability, reliability and efficiency.

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Contacts per year
system up-time
local offices
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ISO 27001

Teams that already made the change.

What's different about LeadDesk?

Strong call infrastructure to keep you at ease

All our solutions are built on the same solid platform, which is used to make over 100 million calls each year all over Europe.

Our data centers are spread across Europe and served through zone availability for enhanced reliability.

Compliance & Support Built for European needs

Our solutions adhere to the regulation in each market ensuring that both our and your business are compliant.

Support is available quickly in your native tongue. Our servers are in Europe, ensuring fast operations and that your data is not handed to outside the EU.

Easy to use but versatile

LeadDesk offers a sweet spot between modern simplicity and necessary flexibility. Taking only minutes to learn, LeadDesk ensures that your agents spend their time closing instead of learning the system.

Blend outbound and inbound

LeadDesk is an all-in-one solution that allows you to switch smoothly between inbound and outbound. Blending ensures that your customers can have a dedicated agent that handles their case from sales to customer service. Your agents can also switch teams depending on call traffic without having to learn a completely new system.

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