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LeadDesk Talk CTI for Microsoft Dynamics

Bring the powerful features of a cloud contact center to Microsoft Dynamics so agents can make and receive calls with LeadDesk Talk.

This CTI for Dynamics includes click-to-call, inbound caller matches, SMS follow-up and logs communication history in your contact record so you can give customers a more personalised experience.

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Crystal-Clear Customer Calls

Powerful outbound and inbound calling for Dynamics

Make outbound calls and receive inbound calls directly in Microsoft Dynamics with LeadDesk Talk.

Customer phone numbers are pre-populated in the dialer for you. Simply click to call and start talking to your customers.

Agents can also manually enter phone numbers to call and create new contacts if there’s no match in your Dynamics account.

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Send text messages right with LeadDesk Talk from Dynamics

Easily send SMS follow-ups and SMS order confirmations after each customer call.

Agents may choose from a set of pre-made message templates or write their own message for the customer.

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Seamlessly integrated with Dynamics

All LeadDesk Talk calls and messages are logged in the contact history in Microsoft Dynamics so your agents can see call status, length, related tickets, call reasons and dispositions.

Call recordings can also be accessed when needed.

Some of LeadDesk Talk features:

True 2-way VoIP

Serve all leads smartly: when a lead calls you back, they will always be connected to the same agent for better customer experience.

Click-to-call dialer mode

You can dial numbers directly from any website, spreadsheet or a CRM with this automated dialer mode.

Automated SMS messaging

Send follow-up text messages and SMS confirmations with no hassle right after the call.

Contact communication logs

See all contact information and communication history in the same place in Microsoft Dynamics.

Give customers fast, meaningful experiences with LeadDesk Talk for Microsoft Dynamics.

Unlock your agents’ full potential with a powerful integrated contact center tool for inbound and outbound calling right from Dynamics.

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