Omnichannel solution for customer service

Serve customers on their favourite channel

Provide great customer experience by having continuous conversations, no matter the communication channel. With the customer’s complete history in one view, it’s easy to continue conversations from where they last ended.

All channels working seamlessly from the same view

Work cross-channel with LeadDesk’s natively omnichannel customer service software. Change channels on the fly and answer the customer where it's most efficient. All channels can be served with the same inbound queues, so you'll never have to worry about agent allocation between channels.

Omni channels

Native voice

Ensure high-quality call audio, functionality and support with our native call management and VoIP call platform. Listen in on calls live or from recordings for quality management.

Stop assigning mobile phones for remote working or buying a bunch of phone numbers. With Omni’s voice channel, your agents can answer the calls wherever they are without phones and even make outbound calls.

Get the right agent on the line with IVR and ACMD. Keep customers updated with pre-recorded announcements like opening hours, let them choose the service they want with menus, and route calls to queues that connect to agents according to their skills. You can set fallback options and different priorities between queues to serve your most critical or valued customers first. Give customers the option to leave a callback request instead of waiting in the queue.



Stop scrolling through the team’s e-mail inbox trying to figure out which customer cases have been handled and which are still open. Maybe the customer has already contacted by phone to get help quicker, or another agent is solving the issue right now? The Omni UI organises e-mails according to customer conversations to the same view as all the other channels and notes – making sure every agent knows what’s happening.

Use advanced IVR to route inbound emails to specific queues using keywords. LeadDesk’s full-featured e-mail client supports sending attachments and adding recipients to the discussions, as well as personalising e-mails with a wysiwyg-editor, styling options and message templates.


Text messages have a 99% open rate. Reach every customer and stand out from the spam that fills people’s email inboxes. SMS is also good for sending access codes or other sensitive information because it’s based on the customer’s unique phone number.

Omni’s SMS channel is built on our own infrastructure, so it’s a native part of the LeadDesk software. Replying to customers’ SMS messages is quick and easy with the computer keyboard and message templates, right in the Omni view. Inbound SMS messages in LeadDesk can be directed to omnichannel queues and IVR flows. Create automated responses and menus to route messages into queues according to customers’ choices or keywords in messages.

Facebook Messenger

Be available to your customers on social media. Handle all the messages coming from one or more Facebook pages: conversations started via the direct message button, the chat widget on Facebook, and the Messenger app.

Your agents can operate the Facebook Messenger channel straight from the Omni view, alongside all the other channels. No multiple apps or separate credentials for each agent required.

On top of Facebook users, you can also serve guests without accounts. Besides writing text, your agents can use message templates, plus send and receive attachments and emojis.


What could be better than proactively helping your customers? Deploy webchat on your website and start talking! Webchat gives your customers the real-time support they love on their schedule, without waiting in line. On top of that, webchat gives your customers the feeling that you’re always there for them.

LeadDesk’s webchat is fully integrated with Omni, so there is no need for 3rd party apps or services. It’s easy to implement and use, as the webchat is used from the same agent view as all the other channels.

The webchat widget is customisable and responsive, and it comes with a high-contrast option for a more accessible web. You can make it fit nicely to your brand and website by personalising its appearance, e.g. shape, colours, logo, fonts and buttons.

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