Artificial Intelligence and Automation for smarter contact centers

Boost agent efficiency and create seamless customer interactions with AI and automation.

Increase outbound talktime by 55% with Predictive Dialer

Predictive Dialer is an automatic, AI-powered dialer mode. Increase call volumes by up to 36% and talktime by up to 55%.

LeadDesk’s AI monitors various call metrics to predict agent availability so that you always have the next customer ready, and agents talking.

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Deflect up to 90% of customer issues with AI Chatbots

LeadDesk Chatbots are powered by a custom AI that uses NLP and NLU to understand your customer’s intent.

AI Chatbots solve simpler requests and processes 24/7, so that your agents can focus on the more complex requests.

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"LeadDesk is flexible, easy to integrate, and it allows us to make quick adjustments without help from developers."

Route customers to the most qualified agent with ACMD (Automatic Call & Messaging Distribution)

Connect your customers to the right place with smart ACMD. Automatically assign the best available agent to the case, so that you can serve all your customers quickly and efficiently.

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Recognize keywords, trends and patterns with Speech-to-text (STT)

Connect LeadDesk to various STT services to help you understand your voice data. Perfect for coaching, QA, CX and business development.

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