Electrify your contact center operations with LeadDesk

Your revolutionary tool for outbound sales and customer service in Energy and Utilities companies.

The largest energy and utilities organizations in Europe trust LeadDesk

LeadDesk for customer service
Make every customer loyal to your brand

With a truly omnichannel tool for calls, SMS’s, emails and instant messages that collects all customer’s communication history in one view, LeadDesk helps you make every customer happy. Always.

Augment your customer service
LeadDesk for outbound sales
Triple the efficiency of your outbound sales

In outbound sales, every minute saved equals a new opportunity. Keep your sales agents talking with customers more while LeadDesk software takes care of all the "boring" stuff. 

Boost your outbound sales

Increase contact center capacity your way

Close more deals and make every customer loyal - we'll help you achieve both.

Build client loyalty

Your customers get the service they deserve while your employees get to concentrate on their core work - isn't it the best way to grow sustainable business?

Save time and money

No more jumping from one application to another or manually calling your customer base! LeadDesk removes any distractions at work.

Be calm in crisis

With smart call routing, service prioritization, advanced reporting and our experts always ready to help you can stay calm in any situation.

Grow business revenue

Our outbound sales platform and dialer modes enable your agents to go from 40 calls per day to 120 calls per day.

“Since we started using LeadDesk, our hit rate is up significantly and average handling time is down”

Erik Engebretsen, Head of Telemarketing, Fjordkraft

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A quality solution, specially tailored for Energy and Utilities sector

Energy industry is going through a massive digital transformation right now - and companies need to optimize their work to stay competitive and grow business.

LeadDesk provides a contact center solution that is always on call to receive both urgent and non-urgent inquiries.

With a flexible contact center solution in place, you will make every customer touchpoint pleasant and smooth for both your agents and end clients. This results in more closed deals and increased customer loyalty than ever before.

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Easy to use

With an intuitive interface, your agents will see the value from day one.


Never lose track of your leads and customers with real-time reporting.

Fully customizable

Let every department or agent customize the user interface to fit their needs.

Integration capabilities

With a well-documented open API you can integrate LeadDesk software into virtually any system you use.

"Once we had the entire team using the new solution, our sales has grown 70% above what was previously generated"

Néstor Arconada, Grupo Arconada, electricity and gas company from Spain

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FAQ: LeadDesk for Energy and Utilities companies

What can I use LeadDesk software for?

Energy companies use LeadDesk contact center software for outbound sales and omnichannel customer support.

You can start by using LeadDesk for some of your business needs and then expand to other areas of customer communication.

What channels do you support?

We are a truly omnichannel solution that supports calling, e-mails, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and a webchat.

Switching between channels is effortless, and all customer communication history is collected in one view.

Read more about supported channels.

What about privacy, security, and GDPR compliance?

LeadDesk is independently audited and certified for the highest standards of data security controls in contact center services (SOC 2, ISO 27001).

All data is stored in the EU, according to the GDPR requirements and safety standards.

What is your pricing model?

We have different pricing tiers depending on your needs and use cases for the software.

The best way to know what LeadDesk would cost for your company is to have a call with one of our experts. Book a call today!