Customer Service Software

Increase your first call resolution

LeadDesk’s efficient customer service software helps you solve your customers’ problems the first time they get in touch with you.

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Get support in running a high-performing customer service organisation

LeadDesk offers a fast user interfance, flexible IVR and easy CRM integrations that enable an efficient customer service organisation. With intelligent call and email distribution, LeadDesk helps forward your customers to the right agent every single time.

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Calls, emails, SMS, chats

Collect all customer service requests in the same queues to effectively prioritize your agents work.

Intelligent blending

Blend inbound and outbound calls seamlessly to agents and improve their productivity.

Powerful monitoring and reporting

Stay on top of your business with call monitoring, live dashboards and compelling reporting tools.

Case study
Intrum Justitia

A leading European credit management and solutions company Intrum Justitia wanted a close partner that could provide local support in the local language. They also needed someone able to answer the data handling and security needs of demanding financial clients. See why they chose LeadDesk.

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Looking for an outbound sales or customer service solution?

On top of inbound sales, LeadDesk shines in calling out to the right customers and handling a massive number of customer feedback.

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